Dream All That You Can Be!

There something about experiencing the most intense hurt and sadness that can be a life propelling force into taking us back to our innermost dreams . what i am saying that what appears at first to be a tragedy always always in the end is a gift for us to love unconditionally. in it is when we start to trancend our pain in to a gift that we don't always at fiirst see.observing the pain from a standpoint of non judgment and not blaming is the first step to see or learn that what i need to experiance. at any given moment in time we are all doing our best that we can do where we are at with our own inner awarnesses. the key for anyone of us is  to look at  each person who comes into our life as someone who is here to reflect back or teach us something that we need to see in a different way. Treating  each monument as if it were the last ,propeals us to look at the things that we love most about the person and to loveing them just the way they are ,is when we are seeing them with the brilliance that we all are. Therefore  bring our dreams to the inner space of our hearts is were the dream is reflected back from the canvas of life . you just wait and see what miracles come ,so bring forth all that you dream and watch what happens.

jhonspl jhonspl
51-55, M
Feb 27, 2010