The Dream That Never Ends! Seven Insights Of Awarness.

dreaming and pure conciseness are in truth no more different than the water of the oceans. It is only that we think that the dream is less important or sometimes more than that of what we perceive as god or spirit . There is no right or wrong path to awareness only that which resonate DEEP within your being. It like opening up your eyes at any given moment to your perfect mate blending there form into  you with no idea we they came from. You see we don't come from any one place only from an ever expanding pure awareness of being. we here in this REALITY are in truth only a small part of conciseness projecting into this time space Cancun. Today in what we call time is a very profound now to experience for the vortex that was created by all that we previously experienced is  at its most to date every expanded state of recognition. This being of awareness which some call god will literally carry you into a consciences that this world has yet to experience IN ITS FULLEST. writing these words from my essence i am at AW AT WHAT IS NOW AT OUR DISPOSAL.THESE SEVEN INSIGHTS ARE ONLY ONE OF MANY PATHS THAT CAN LEAD YOU INTO THE EXPERIENCE OF THE VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY OF YOU TRUE ESSENCE. experiencing these insights will allow THE BRILLIANCE THAT YOU ARE ,THE AWARENESS THAT CREATES WORLDS.  that which is beyond energy beyond all that we have known.the silent stillness behind form.   That which is  the  LIGHT OF ALL THAT EVERY WAS AND THAT EVER WILL BE.

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1 Response Apr 3, 2010

I love reading science books and in there I read our brains during the day only 3% of it is working during the day, but at night the 93 other % is working during our dreams.<br />
My own believes about dreams is that in our dreams we see our own feelings, emotions, memories, hopes, desires, and everything else that ever got stuck into our consciousness, come to life in our dreams, shown symbollic.<br />
I also have experienced messages from my guardian angel within my dreams that have come true, so dreams also can be used a s a way to communicate, but then more like receiving then giving information spiritually. God also can use our dreams, as he does in my life often, which is also written in the Bible somewhere in Pasalms as it sais something like "and into our dreams, the visions of the night, the Lord will come to us and give us all our answers".<br />
Dreams are also verry helpful to understand our own feelings and emotions so that we know how to deal with them. Ive been studying the symbollical meaning of dreams and it has helped me through so much.<br />
There's so much more then what the eye can see.