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Wounded Knee Was Not The End

In 1890, men of the US Army massacred hundreds of Sioux Indians , mostly women and children, at Wounded Knee. This tragedy is often considered as marking the end of the Indian Wars in this country. But, over a hundred years has passed, and there is still a very real, very potent, and very savage war of sorts still being waged against these first Americans.
In 2012, the average life expectancy of an Indian is less than half that of other Americans. Native women face rape and other sexual assaults at a far greater rate than anyone else in this country. Alcholism and suicide is alarmingly high on reservations; and contrary to the ignorant assumptions of many, this is out of a deep despair about their circumstance, and the inability to lift themselves out of the situation, and not because they're weak, lazy drunks.
During the recession that has gripped the nation for four years now, bad as it is, few people take the time to consider that the economic picture is far worse for Native Americans coast to coast.
Maybe the most dire threat to this great people is the mindsets of many Americans, which lives on the unfair and wrong stereotypes about what Indians are, and the ludicrous idea that their situation is they're own fault, that they could better their lives themselves, but are content to live on government handouts that in reality barely exist.
one hundred and twenty two years after The Wounded Knee massacre in South Dakota, a war is still being waged against Native America, and it's a war they are losing.
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This was incredibly well written and seems to be a great thesis statement on an excellent topic. Today many people in my area talk about "the Mexicans" and how they are "destroying our economy". I often wonder if they could ever understand the irony of their narrow mindedness and ignorant beliefs. I took a California History coarse last semester and my eyes were opened to things that greatly saddened me, like how 'Americans' didn't appreciate the true beauty of the incredible people they just murdered until there was only one 'savage' left. Or the fact that we (other students in my community) were taught that there weren't as many natives as the 340,000 plus that really lived here. It it shameful to me that my lineage is tied to such horrible ego-centric people who glorify the 'establishment of a great nation built on Christianity, liberty and justice' on one hand; and destroy others opportunities on the other. I could probably rant on this subject for hours so I will leave it with one last statement. I am glad that you brought this issue to attention; perhaps more people will consider it.

thank you so much for the kind words, and I feel just the way you do about the way this nation has conducted itself through the generations. I too hope more people would consider what a great people we have mistreated, and how important it is to do the right thing by them finally...

Wow great story n thanks for posting it to.Umm I'm half Cree my mom is full blooded Cree..for me i feel America is our lands,lands belong to all native american..just like all over the world,others want to steal and move out the people that live in these lands..War and sadness and blood and death rape and murder..thats all these people do that steal what is not theres to steal....I always hope one day peace will come to my people and all native tribes..i dream that we all one day be free to live in our old ways living of the land and being who we are.

Strasnge to white americans told lies to everyone that we the natives scalp the whites..funny but the truth is ( the whites was the first to scalp us....Lies )

thanx for the kudos, and you're absolutely right; the plight of the first Americans is a source of great sadness anger and frustration. Like you, I hope and pray for brighter days for this great people.

Great posting!

thanx; so grateful for all the feedback:)

Right on point! The past and present injustices to Native Americans is a tragedy.

great post

thanx; glad people are reading it:)

Great story!, one I am only too familiar with, as you can see via my posts on this site about life here on the US border and the border wars I am in the middle of, I believe I may have posted one of them in this group, though am losing track cuz I have over 80 stories posted on here already,....hehe On the topic of your story I recommend you get these DVD's I got'
1. Incident at Oglala
2. Skins