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Leonard Peltier

A true American hero, in his own words; you decide...

DIYman DIYman 22-25, M 3 Responses Nov 10, 2012

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I clicked on your profile because of your avatar. I learned about Leonard Peltier in a college speech class. I devoured "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse" and have written letters on his behalf. Thank you for bringing him to my attention again.

you're welcome! I want to begin a campaign of writing the White House on Leonard's behalf this year!

Sad system we have here in the US
Leonard Peltier=Political Prisoner.

DIYman -- I have the utmost respect and empathy for native Americans who for the most part have been royally screwed and continue to be screwed by the Federal Government.

I certainly understand that Leonard Peltier is considered a hero by many. However, virtually every person convicted of a crime and serving time in prison claims to be wrongfully convicted. Can you provide links to any information that corroborates his innocence? Not that I can do anything to help, but perhaps to strengthen public support.

absolutely; for starters his public defense website provides some very strong evidence. And then there's the FBI now saying they know he did not kill those two agents. You can find the whole story on

Thanks. I will read it. I appreciate you sending the info.

no problem, brother!