My First Time.

my first time going out as a real girl was when i joined femme fever and i had a makeover and we all went out to a restaurant in long island and it was a great feeling being all dressed up and it was my beginning to the world of women.
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Awesome - my hero . I want to be transformed too.... hair, make up , lashes , wig, slinky dress and 4" stillettos... Then could I get some one to just take me .... Feel me up , grope me , fondle me , **** me long and deliberate like a real woman... ooohh the really is a fantastic feeling isn't it<br />
If you feel that you want to be a girl so badly, it is the best thing in the world to be able to show that side of your feminity.<br />
Of course there will always be people that are against it, and believe me I have met these people<br />
But we are owed this basic feeling, it is not for anyone else to tell us what we can power to us girls eh!<br />
<br />
Well done<br />
<br />