Shopping As A Girl For The First Time

     I was only 12 at the time.  I had been wearing dresses for little over a year, but only at home.  My mother had believed that boys should also wear dresses and had started me in the summer of 1961.
     It was close to July 4th, 1962,  my mother was planning a party for the family.  I was dressed in a flower printed dress with short teacup sleeves, a white underslip and panties.  My siblings were off with one of my Aunts for the day to go swimming.  I was at home, alone with my mother.   She came into my room and said she needed to go shopping for some food and other things for the party.  I said okay that I would see her later when she got home.   I was then told that I had to go with her to help load the car because she had a lot to pick up.   I said okay and went to change into my boys clothing but was stopped.  She said I could go as I was.  I started to protest, but was told that I had no choice.   Once my mother made up her mind
you did as you were told, period.  She then went out of my room and returned with a girls wig and placed it on my head.   She then left after adjusting it
to fit better and affixed it with bobbypins.   She called me downstairs and said lets go.
   I nervously walked out to the car hoping no-one would see me and got into the car.  A neighbor saw her and called out to her and after a bit of chatter
got into the car.  The first place we went to was the local Kroger store.  I was designated to push the cart while she placed various items in the cart.
So here I was in the store completely dressed as a girl.  I was nervous, I was thinking everyone was looking at me.  After about an hour, it seemed she handled everything in the store, we went to the check-out.   At the check-out my mother started chatting with others in the line. Eventually the conversation turned to me.  They were telling my mother what a pretty girl I was and how well the dress suited me. It is at this time she accidently outed me. She said
"HE likes his dresses" and told the personshe was talking to I wear them all of the time.  The lady appeared shocked that I was a boy.  She quickly moved on, paid for her items and left.  The cashier said as we approached "don't worry about her, that I did look good and should be proud of my bravery to go out dressed as I was.  My mother then paid for our things and we left the store. I must have blushed every shade of red in the spectrum.
  From there we went to the local discount department store.  After the Kroger incident I was even more nervous.  WE must have visited every department in the store.   When we got to the girls section my mother saw two dresses.  One was a cream colored sundress and the other was similar to what I was wearing.  She after taking them off the rack had me go change into them to see how they fit.  So now I'm in the girls changing room trying on dresses, how embarassing.  I had to come back out so she could see them on me.  A clerk said that those were on sale, a buy one  get the second at half price.  she also went on that she thought with my complexion they looked very pretty on me.  Naturally my mother bought them for me.   She then went over and bought me several new panties and my first training bra.   This took nearly two hours to complete the shopping here.
Again at the check-out she talked to the clerk there.  The girl there was commenting on my new dresses and gladly the girl missed it when my mother replied that  they would bring out the color in HIS cheeks.  After checking out and was getting into the car I asked my mother why she had told them
indirectly I was a boy.   She looked at me and said,  "because some boys were made to be boys, but others were made to be girls"  I'lll never forget those words.
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My first time was a total thrill even though I was terrified at first. I'm transgender and knew since I was little that I was/am really a girl. My older sisters have been totally supportive in fact they actually started me off wearing their lingerie when they discovered how much I wanted to. By the time I was 16 I was presenting as a girl all the time. I wore makeup and feminine clothing but had not yet gone out in a dress. Of course I had been wearing panties and pantyhose since I was 13. I had been in hormone therapy and got to the point where I needed to get fitted for my first bra. My older sister took me to a very upscale lingerie store where she went and I had my first fitting and walked out of the store with a dazzling collection of bras with matching thongs and panties. The sales lady told me that three of the bras came with matching garter belts so I got them too. Not long after that the girls decided it was time. I had gotten a beautiful fitted blue dress which looked great because by that time I had a very definite feminine figure. I picked out a white lace bra and matching bikini panties and was putting on pantyhose when one of my sisters walked in. She took a look and told me that I'd wear the garter belt and that she and my other sister would also wear garter belts because that, she said, was the ultimate sign of femininity. I put the garter belt on, pulled the straps under the bikini and followed my sister's guidance in putting on the stockings. When I had the lingerie on I decided I really liked the sexy feel of the garter belt and stockings. The dress slid on easily and we were ready to go. When we got into town and got out of the car the apprehension I had all the way in was gone and I felt a whole new sense of security and freedom when we started walking towards the restaurant. That broke the ice. I really like wearing skirts and dresses and get dolled up as often as I can.

I was different than most my mum and grandma didn't want me to dress like a girl! I did when I was Age 5! I told my nannies I wanted to be a little girl!

You had a great Mother! What a lucky person you where!

bobbie13 . i Enjoyed your Storie . i Would to See Photos . i Would be Thankfull if you Emailed them to me . Respected Trusted Gent . Age62years young .

i really love your story. i think it would have been so wonderful to be dressed as a girl by mom and extra nice to have been taken out in public by her. xo and best wishes.

when i was a youngster in the 1950s . my mum liked me to be naked most of the summer around the house . i think i would have liked having a dress on . it would covered my bottom when i got spankings . if i was unruly . my bare bottom got a spanking . sometimes in frount of relatives . i would have willingly put a dress on covering my bruised bottom . and it might of stoped relatives giving me a smack . everytime one seeses my red bottom . even as a teenager i was naked most of the summer . i was living in a big house land all around us . . from a well respected . trusted . mature gent . age61 years young living the united kingdom

Wow. In one way, it was good that she was comfortable enough to tell others, but she should have told you before that hse was going to do it.