Little Sissy Sister


                                           LITTLE SISSY SISTER


                                                Dennis (Stylishned)


            Barbara Pratt in her mid 40’s with her 2 boys Harry and Joe 9 and 10 and mentally handicapped with their mother’s boy friend Fried Porter a tall lanky guy with a bony face and a scruffy mustache that was always in need of a trim. Barb grinning, “ Harry, Joe wouldn’t you boys like to have a little sissy for your little sister?” Harry started laughing, “Harry wants little sissy sister, Harry wants little sissy sister.” Laughing and waving his hands Barb, “Joe, honey don’t you want a little sissy sister to protect and care fore?” Joe laughing, “What is a little s…sissy sister mommy?” cocking his head off to the left. Barb holding his hands, “A little sissy sister would be a younger brother but, only raised as a little girl, this way you and Harry can help dress and care for her or him don’t that sound like fun?” Joe arms started waving and Joe laughed, “sounds fun Joe wants sissy, sissy!” Fried shaking his head turned and walked back into the living room to his new paper.

            Barb seeing this followed him, “ What is up with you?” Fried, “ I am not sure if I am into making little boys dress and live like a little girl just to please your fantasies. Why not just get a little girl?” Barb eyes went cold and black, “What in Hell is wrong with you? You’re the one who goes and buys all those cross dressing stories about little boys being forced to wear little girls panties! Now you’ve got Morals?” Just shut up! A story is one thing yet for real? No, no I am just not able to deal with that.” Barb with her hands on her hips, “ You make me sick! Okay you win, but you best get rid of all those cross-dressing books or I use you-understand? You dragon whacker!” that hurt Fried and out of anger, “Hay why don’t you just panty Joe and use one of your idiots-hell they have know idea what they are male or female! The stupid freaks!” Barbara screamed, “ You perverted pig, get the hell out of my house, now!” Fried said nothing just grabbed his gear and left. The next Morning Sharon Fields stopped in for coffee.

            “Where is Fried, this morning Barb?” I kicked him out last night.” Replied Barb setting a cup of coffee down in front of Sharon. Sharon laughing, “May I ask why?” Barb, “Yea, he got upset about me wanting to get a little boy around 7 or 8 to raise as Harry and Joe’s little sissy sister. He Said a story is one thing yet for real? No, no I am just not able to deal with that. I called him a dragon whacker and kick his butt out, the pervert!” Sharon laughing, “Why is Fried a pervert?” He wanted me to raise Joe or both boys as sissy sisters, that is when he got his butt tossed out!” Sharon grinning.

            “ Barb, rather you like it or not Frieds’ right. Look Harry and Joe will never be able to live out on their own. Hay I think it would be a great treat for both boys. Heck, one thing for sure-they won’t call child protection on you.” Barb looked over at the 2 boys then smiled, “ Only if you will join in on this with me. You can move in and give up your apartment, what do you say?” Sharon starting laughing “****! You read my mined! Hay there is a **** load of girls’ clothes including underwear that Kathy has out grown. They would fit the boys and they are yours for the taking. We can spend the weekend up at the cabin that way no one will hear or see anything.” Barb, “Harry, Joe we’re going by, by. Come we are going to have fun! We will be spending the weekend up at aunt Sharon’s cabin.” Harry smiling, “ Yes me want to go by, by! Joe laughing, “ Me too, go to cabin!” Barb locked the house up making sure every thing was off.

            After a 2-hour drive the four of them sat in the cabin drinking cool aid. Barb. “Harry, Joe why don’t you guys go out and swing on the swings for a while.” Both grinned and ran out the door. Barb turned towards Sharon, “ How are we going to work this?” Sharon looking a the time, “ It is 3 and since the boys do not have to get up early we can start now. Follow me and I will show you where the clothes are.” Walking down a narrow hallway to the first door on the right, “Barb, this was Kathy’s room. The panties and training bras are in the top drawer. The slips are hanging over in the closet with the skirts and dresses. In the second drawer down are the nightgowns and baby dolls pajamas or nighty if you choose to call them that.” Barb’s eyes sparkled as she looked through all the clothes, “Wow! This stuff is Great thank you” hugging Sharon.

            Barb grinning, “The boys have t-shirts and shorts blue in color. I will start having them wear white silky plain panties with a training bra as underwear. I want to see how they react.” Laughing. Well let’s get them in here.” Barb called the boys in and had them take a shower. After drying them off they lead the boys to the bedroom. Barb took Harry and Sharon took Joe. Barb. “Here honey put these on for mommy.” Harry with out think took the white silky panties. Then stopping dead, laughing, “Mommy girl’s panties!” laughing, “I can’t wear them.” Barb, “Yes you can, they are all the underwear you have to wear. So please put them on.” Harry pulled the white silky panties up to his waist. “Hold your arms out.” Sliding the training bra in place and fastening it in back.

            Sharon pulled the white silky panties on Joe. Joe started screaming, “Me boy, not girl! Me boy no panty not girl.” Sharon hugging Joe, “ You can wear them just like Harry is and he is not screaming. Joe resisted the training bra yet Sharon won out. Barb smiling, “ Now Harry, Joe mommy wants you two to leave your new underwear on and after a while you will like you’re new under panties and bra. “ Sending them back out to play on the swings. Barb laughing, “It’s going to work! My the end of this week end they will be my little sissy girls.” Giving a high five to Sharon.

            Barb, “What about their hair?” Sharon, “ If any one should ask, just say, head lice from school and you had to shave their heads. Have them wear hair bands and no one will be the wiser.” Sharon, “Barb, We want to starting tomorrow morning get them use to wearing slips and dresses or skirts and blouses. Throw away the short sets we want them use to wearing pretty little dresses and skirts and blouses.” Both women leaned back in their chairs drinking a cold can of beer.

            Barb, “Harry, Joe come in for dinner.” The two boys didn’t run but walked slowly like with apprehension. Smiling, “ Hay you two act like you’re going to die! Come on lighten up, have some fun!” hugging the boys. At the table Harry spoke up, “Mommy aunty Sharon” pausing “ Me Joe don’t like panties and don’t like bras. We want you to take them away we not girls.” As tears streamed down his face Joe now starting to cry, “We not s…sissy girls boys, we run and not come here more.” Sharon placing her hand on Barb’s shoulder, “ This had to happen, every thing is going to plan.” Barb with a warm smile, “ Harry Joe, you don’t have to cry, aunty Sharon and mommy will help you two so you won’t have to cry any more.” Standing her and Sharon went to the bathroom, “ Barb, the only way we are going to be able to stop them from running off is to get them into real girly clothes, like right now.” Barb and Sharon returned to the table.

            Barb took Harry to their bedroom and Sharon work with Joe in the boys’ bedroom or Kathy’s old bedroom. Sharon with a grin, “Okay Joe let’s get out of those clothes.” Joe with eyes sparkling and laughing ******** off the shorts and t-shirt with his shoes and socks starting remove the panties. Sharon at first was going to stop him yet thought better of the idea. “Good let me help you get the bra off as well.” Reinsuring Joe she was helping him.  Then while Joe was looking else where Sharon locked the bedroom door. She turned towards Joe, “Now young lady! You will put these pretty pink and lacy panties on or aunty will have to spank!” Sharon seeing Joe was not about to pull them on him she put the pink lacy panties on him. With another training bra, Joe stood in the middle of the bedroom floor jumping up and down, “Me not little s…sissy stop not s…sissy! Starting to sob.

            Sharon lowered a full-length satin slip into place causing Joe to just about go into convulsions. Only Joe just froze not believing the every nerve ending was tingling with feelings he had never known. Sharon taking advantage of the situation place a lovely Peach colored ruffled dress on him also of silk. Tying the sash and helping him with his anklets and Maryjane shoes, then styling his hair. Joe was mortified, “ Girl no, s…sissy please no. I want to go home Joe having no fun.” crying Sharon held him, hugging and kissing him, “Honey, you are so pretty and very cute too. Sweetie you have nothing to cry for. Mommy will love more than ever before honey, wait and see.” Now holding him on her lap.

            Barb locked the bedroom door, “Take off your shorts and t-shirt with the panties and I will help you remove your bra.” Harry grinned then laughed not realizing what was about to happen. In a stern voice, “Now young lady, life for you as a young man is over with for ever as far as you are concerned. “Handing Harry a pair of satin lacy pink panties holding a belt in her left hand. Put these on for mommy for mommy does not want to have to spank you.” Harry shaking with tears running down both eyes pulled the panties on, “Harry not sissy not sissy! Not girl sissy mommy know Harry her boy not girl sissy” starting to sob. Barb placed the training bra on Harry with the anklets and Maryjane shoes which were black. Holding open the waist bane of a petticoat white with pink trim, “Step in here.” Harry wiping his eyes shaking step into the opening and watched in terror as Barb pulled the petticoat up in to place. He shook for every nerve was tingling with the sensations his mined was unable to handle causing Harry not to be able to speak. Barb hugged him, “Honey I know you think mommy is being mean, I am not sweetie. I want you to have pretty things and a wonder life and this is the only way mommy could full fill your wishes.” Placing a white blouse on him then lowering a light pink pleaded skirt down in to place fastening at the side then hugging and kissing Harry.

            Both boys upon seeing each other burst out in to tears with embarrassment and shame. That night they both wore baby doll’s nighties to sleep in. and were redressed in the clothes of the passed evening. Harry and Joe learned to accept their plight. To a shame to run away not having any boys’ cloths to wear. By the time there mother had pass on both boys where considered Transgender never being allowed to be the boys the were.                                       END

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UP BIG TIME. *i know it's just a story ,but... .* The boys did not want this to happen to them, If they<br />
did want it , then it would be different.

Well, a very intriguing story. First of all, you ever hear that commercial "it must have been a typo, a typo, a typo, it must have been... Wait There can't be that many typos". In this case, there was. Second, I think I would have been like, oh yeah, in your face, I get to be a girl, ha. Of course then I would have had no problem running away. But around the teen years I would probably run or start rebelling like the girls of this day or any day for that matter. Girl power can be very persuasive. Trust me.

I new a family that lived up the load for a family that had two mentally handicapped boys. the lady of the house would only dress them in girls' shorts and shirts with white nylon panties as all times. They had been turned in to child protextion several times for this. for years seem nothing was done about it. Talked to a case worker both male and female at different times. they would just say, " There is no law about having boys wearing girls or women's panties. Yet there is a law if there is sexual abuse invauled with it. I have seen both boys complain about having to wear girls undies, yet neither the case worker or any one else for that matter did one thing to help or stop what was happening to those to boys and I believe it was because of their mentally handicapped that nothing was done about it. <br />
All the women scream I hate boys in dresses and yet turn right around at the very first chance and force a nephew or stepson foster son even a boy next door in to wearing girls clothing. I know some of these boys have scream very loud to the law and all they got was laughed at! That is way I wrote this story. Just to show how futile they boys cry for help is when it come to child protection for help.

I will take that as a compliment, thank you for reading my story