It was the first time I ever had sex with more than one guy

I was with my best friend Amanda.  She had invited me to Cancun Mexico with her family.  I was only 13, but almost 14, my BFF Amanda was 16.  My mom let me go, being she knew Amanda’s parents and my mom wanted two weeks ALONE with her new boyfriend, her own vacation of sorts.  Mom paid my air fare, that’s how much she wanted me “OUT” of her apartment.    

Amanda had three younger brothers and one older brother. There were 6 kids total on our trip and her parents didn’t really have enough time (or try) to keep track of Amanda and I much. We went “unsupervised” for almost two weeks and during those two weeks …WOW …we both had loads of fun and were pretty sex active. If you’ve ever been to Cancun during spring break, it’s super wild.  Lots of drunk, crazy college students.  It’s pretty easy to get laid in Cancun.

Our first day in Cancun, Amanda and I saw all these hot, sexy bodies (guys + girls) and some college girls wearing almost nothing on the beach.  So we both bought like ultra-sexy thong bikinis, to make ourselves hot and sexy to “grab” guys attention.  We tried to compete with these older college girls and that afternoon Amanda and I floated on pool mattresses out in the ocean.  It was like my first experience wearing skimpy thongs in Mexico, where the sun is stronger.  I wanted my “bottom” to be as tan as Amanda’s who was like totally tan all over her body and by late afternoon, I thought I had tanned my bottom, when in reality I had “cooked” my ***.  

By early evening, my *** looked a bit like lobster tails and I was hurting so bad, Amanda stole a bottle of tequila from a storage room off our hotels pool bar and we drank the entire bottle.  I was feeling sunburn pain a lot by that point.  I got completely drunk that night and Amanda wanted to walk down the beach around midnight.  We I hurt too much to even slide my bikini over my sun-cooked *** and that’s when Amanda decided we should both walk the beach to cool off.  

I remember walking out of our room, I was like so drunk, I kept swerving as I walked down the hall.  We headed out toward the beach and I couldn’t even walk and being “nakey” underneath my skirt made me totally excited.  Amanda saw this little, seedy Mexican bar, just off the beach front street. Even though we were both too young (way under age) the crazy Mexican bartender let BOTH inside.  Amanda looked older than her age back then, I had actually started to develop some boobs also, a pretty nice “rack” for 13, I was pretty proud of them.  

I was like OMG – it was the first time I’d ever gotten into a bar.  Amanda walked toward the bar counter and I followed her.  We sat on stools at the counter.  I remember she ordered me a drink and I told Amanda my butt was hurting again and she said I needed a stronger drink and she ordered me a double zombie, which I swear had more alcohol than mixer.   

The bar was more like a dirty local “cantina” mostly for local workers in the hotels and such who got off late at night and need to drink/relax.  I was having fun flirting and feeling sexy when the alcohol hit me.  My eyes got glassy and I swear, my *****, it actually got wet.  I remember feeling so sexy and Amanda looked totally sexy and I remember Amanda kissed me right on the lips at the bar.  

We were just wearing string bikini tops and sarongs, with nothing underneath and when Amanda put hands on my waist and I put my hands down on hers, she moved her fingers right down under my thong and started to caress me.  She like played with my *****, while we kissed and OMG – she got me totally wet + totally excited.    Amanda and I were having a great time flirting and latin dance music was playing and OMG – the guys in the bar kept staring at us.  Amanda was so sexy, I felt like some GODESS with her that night.   

I remember after that, I got so super drunk, when Amanda told me to “flash” all the guys sitting at the tables across from the bar counter, I thought she meant “pootie” so I swivel around and put one foot on the rail of my stool and then opened my thighs like total ****.  I gave the guys a “**** MOON” and OMG – Amanda starts laughing at me, we were both total drunk I felt totally embarrassed but being so drunk didn’t even care but the guys they were all like going “whoo whoo” at me and Amanda felt jealous of me so she decides to flash them.  You could basically see her entire “pootie” under her skirt when she walked in the door and OMG - When she flashed her pootie, it was like really dirty.  She like puts her foot on the highest ring of her stool and opens up her thighs WIDE …OMG …You couldn’t believe she was so drunk that night you need to understand, Amanda was actually more drunk than me and I was like “off my butt” drunk.  

After that, we decided to dance together and just as we start dancing sexy, two sexy Mexican boys come up and introduced themselves.  One guys name was Mateo I forgot the others name, something like Hernando. Hernando took Amando over to a table and Mateo and I went on the floor to dance a bit.  A couple of seconds later, Mateo put his hands over my *** (remember I wasn’t wearing panties) and OMG – the next minute, he asked me outside for some air.   I was so flattered he asked me, being Amanda was so popular that night.  She was already talking with a whole bunch of guys and I wanted to tell Amanda that I'd be right back, but she was talking/flirting so bad, she didn’t even notice me leaving.  So I just left with him.   

Mateo took me around the corner into this pretty dark alley-like side street where he said his car was parked; we kissed right on the hood and eventually I got into the back seat with him. I was like a trampy, little ***** back then and I was really drunk after having another Zombie drink at the bar.  I was feeling super horny and slutty and when Mateo felt me up …OMG - I was bare nakey under my sarong, totally wet down below and when he found out I was willing to kiss him, he got very excited which got me totally excited. I looked down to see this “BULGE” springing out from his jeans.  I could tell from the size of that bulge, he was WAY into me.   

OMG he got me so excited, knowing he was hot for me, it seemed like he was just having an awesome time with me, he was like kissing and groping me and he was very handsome to me also.  He was this hot, exotic, dark guy and I was having the time of my life also, being super drunk + ultra horny having absolutely no sex for like several weeks before our trip to Mexico.   I remember I slipped off my bikini top for him and I let him suck and squeeze my breasts. My legs were spread open a bit, he put one hand between them. I knew what was happening when I felt him tug on the ties of my sarong (bikini wrap) next thing I knew I felt my wrap slither down my legs.  Inside I loved it, I was a bit scared/nervous, but the feeling of being totally naked with this handsome boy.  

The cool air blew on my sun-burnt body, it felt terrific.  I kissed him and he starts kissing me back, next think I knew he was fondling, caressing my naked body and OMG - this dark, handsome Mexican boy … Total turning me on for sex with him.   I wasn't a virgin by then, actually not even close. I'd slept with a lot of guys at my school.  So I was very “ready” when I felt his **** darting around my ***** lips.  I knew he wanted to penetrate up my ***** and I wanted it also. I remember it felt so good I actually helped him slip inside me. He was like both kissing and pumping me …same time …and OMG - saying dirty things to me in both Spanish and English. It was totally crazy and wild, I was just moaning and holding on to his shoulders and feeling this total sexual desire, super slutty inside and living pleasure “in the moment.”   It was very warm and steamy in the back of that car and we both were sweating and breathing like crazy.  

For some crazy reason, my sunburned *** didn’t seem to hurt at all.  I was heavy with passion as we kissed and ****** each other.  I was very close to having an ****** when I opened my eyes and looked over his shoulder to see four other guys from the bar watching us **** inside his car.   My first thought was PANIC!  Mateo really started to **** me hard when he saw other guys were watching us. He was like groaning and slamming his **** into me OMG – he wanted to *** really bad and it felt so wonderful, knowing this guy wanted me so much. Suddenly I felt his **** spasm, I knew he was ******* loads into me, I could feel squirts his load like up into me and OMG – it wasn’t even protected, but back then I didn’t really care and when I’m on vacation, I’m 24-7 crazy wild, like “TOTALLY” in the moment so to speak.   

I remember I could feel this “*** flood” I heard Mateo groan with pleasure. I was lost in his passion and then my passion came over me like a cloud mist of passion/drug fueled high or something close to that.  I just closed my eyes and thrust my pelvis into his naked crotch.   I was still very close to ******* but I didn’t quite make it. Suddenly, Mateo started to slow down and he whispered some dirty things in my ear in Spanish that I didn’t understand and finally he stopped. He kissed me and smiled as he pulled out. God I felt so empty; I wanted to *** so bad and I felt his *** like seeping out of my ***** crack.   He reached behind himself and opened the door and began to back out. As he stepped out, he pulled his pants up. I was still lying in the back seat, soaking wet, wild with sex desire, desperately seeking ******!  I sat up a little and closed my legs a little, covered my breasts up with my hands And I looked to now see six guys besides Mateo looking in at me and smiling and talking in Spanish.  

I was still really drunk, horny like some *****, slutty DOG …but I must have been completely insane too because instead of screaming for Amanda or the police, I let my hands expose my nipples again and opened my thighs up to the guys and …As I looked down at my breasts, I let my legs fall part then I like just spread them open more; I knew they could all easily see my *****.   I looked up and all I really remember is the gold tooth of this big, hairy Mexican guy pushing in between my legs as he climbed on top of me in the back seat. I laid back and closed my eyes as I felt his **** find my *****. He rubbed it up and down right on the lips of my ***** before he finally slipped his **** into me.   I must have been the first white girl he had ever been with because he ****** me hard for about one minute before he was groaning and ******* inside me. All I remember is that those older Mexican guys …Just made me feel like I was the ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD.  They were all much older than Mateo, most in their 40’s and 50’s, some maybe 60’s. They all seemed like poor, Mexican laborers.  It seemed like sex with me, was just a total thrill for them.   

The sex was like totally fantastic to me bcuz it was so exotic and strange, doing the dirty in a public street in Cancun Mexico.  I guess there’s just something about ******* foreign men in some strange, foreign country.  I felt like the only girl in the world that night, like they’d never seen another hot chick, never ****** an American girl, like the only girl in the world …That’s how I felt that night.    They all just totally loved ******* me like so much. Most boys in my school just wanted Blow Jobs from me, but that night I could feel it, see it in their eyes, almost taste it in their kisses.  They all seemed “HUNGRY” for me, kissing me, like my entire body, even thought I was sweaty and sticky hot, they just kept licking all over my body, my toes and *** hole got licked that night.  Every one of those guys were super hot to me also, like they all pumped *** huge loads inside my *****, didn’t even ask or care about protection …OMG …that was such a turn on for me.  

As the last guy ****** me hard, huffing and puffing, and when he finally shot his load inside my *****, I just laid there on this dirty mattress, soaking wet with sweat, in a pool of ***.  I felt totally satisfied, super sweaty and exhausted, but totally satisfied, because I’d *** like three times that night.   The final guy was still on top of me breathing hard and I could still feel his pulsing **** inside me as *** bubbled and seeped out around it and down over my ***. That night, after the last guy ****** me, I swear I had this endless final ******. With each new guy, they put me on some new orgasmic level. I kept moaning and kissing and letting these guys kiss, lick and **** me and I would suck on their *****, lick and kiss them …OMG - It was like orgasmic heaven!   As he got off me and pulled his pants up, I sat up on the slippery back seat. Mateo and his friends were still looking in at me and smiling. Somebody said something in Spanish and Mateo nodded. Then Mateo reached in and took my hand. I stepped out of the car and re-tied my bikini top and brushed *** off my ***** and *** and re-wrapped my beach skirt around my waist.   Mateo walked me a little further down the street away from the bar and we turned another corner into some sort of blind alley way. I could actually still *** dripping down my legs, it got me so excited.  I felt so slutty, dirty that night.  I remember feeling drips of *** run down my inner thighs and down my calves, and down my legs.  It stopped at my ankles.  

I was still very drunk and shaky from an unbelievable sexual experience. The guys all followed me. As we rounded the corner, I could barely see I was so hot for sex. It looked like there was something on the ground and a couple more guys faces were in shadows, behind the biggest trash I’d ever seen in my life.   Mateo walked me to what appeared to be a dirty old, ripped and torn mattress that guys had drug out and laid down right on the ground of the back alley. I looked back towards the entrance and saw all the other guys who’d just ****** me, they were all still there. I looked back towards the black walls and down at the mattress again.  I saw what must have been 10 guys step out of the shadows, out from the darkness; I could hear music from the bar down the street.  

Next thing I remember was Mateo kissed me.  He reached down lifted up my sarong and squeezed my naked *** smeared *** cheeks.   I felt more hands from behind and suddenly some guys mouth started kissing down my neck.  More hands were on my **** and other got groping my *****. I don't know, I guess I just lost control because the next thing I knew I was naked again, on my knees sucking three Mexican **** all same time (one then another) like a complete *****.  I can still remember the taste of those *****.  They smelled animal like, like some dirty, wet puppy dog.  But I love that smell BTW.  The guys were probably working all day in the fields, they smelled it, sort of like a sweet, animal smell …Wonderful smell to me, even to this day.   A couple of guys came in my mouth before they could even lined up to **** my *****.  I remember being on my knees and getting down “doggie style” for them. I was completely lost in sex and *** and pleasure after that. Some guys were ******* me so hard I was screaming in pleasure and I was sucking **** after **** like crazy I couldn’t even talk and guys just sucked and rubbed and pinched my nipples and licked my body and I just started to *** again from all of the orgasmic rubbing and sexual sensations.   I swallowed a couple loads of hot, delicious *** and I felt a couple more guys *** deep inside me down below.

Somewhere in the sex frenzy, I really wanted to get sex crazy with them.   I remember feeling this “spasming ****” down my throat, I could feel *** pumping down and suddenly I felt another guy trying to slip his **** into my ***. I'd had done anal sex a few times before, I wasn't too sure about this, but they weren't trying and next thing I knew he was ******* me in the *** as some other guy gave me this **** to suck so I just let him **** and swallowed that other guys ****.   I must admit, it felt really good some guy said to me:  U seem l a delicious little ****!  I remember he said it while I had a **** down my throat and one up in my ***, full deep I might add. I remember thinking to myself:  OMG – I’ just a complete **** tonight, it got me so incredibly hot, thinking dirty thoughts about sex and by that point, I felt so, I don't know, full of slutty thoughts I guess that I just let my ***** talk it was still tingling from all the **** and *** it'd had before.  I felt like some sex goddess, I was all just delicious sex and I was delirious with desire.   I was sucking and moaning, I could feel the guy's **** slipping in and out of my tight little ***, his **** felt so big that it hurt a little at first, but he ****** me real slow and easy before he let out a groan and came deep in my ***.  

The next guy ****** my ***** and got his **** nice and slippery with spit and then he ****** me hard in the ***; and then another guy wanted in my ***** and some guy pumped his **** down my throat and the guy in my *** came and I don't even know how many of them thrust and pumped and thrust and pumped all my holes full of ***, but it must have been at least 7 or 8.   I just sucked **** became obsesses with it, one with it and I swallowed load after load as guys banged my *** and ***** down below. After about the fourth or fifth guy, my ******* felt pretty loose and relaxed, like a little *****, so as each new guy ****** my ***, their penetrations were pretty easy, they were actually taken back by it, that a young girl could *** **** so easy.  Apparently, “Mexi chicks” have total distaste about anal, Mateo said they hate it and they don’t do it much and it made me so proud, because, I liked it, it felt good that night. I let them all **** me in the *** and I could have easily taken them all on anally.  

I don't know where it ended or how long I was gone, but at some point, the last guy moaned and squirted his last *** load inside my mouth and I gulped it down. I never even saw the guys leave, but when I finally caught my breath and looked up; it was just Mateo and I. I'm sure all the others were afraid I'd scream rape or something.   I don't even know how many guys I gang-banged that night. I certainly didn't ask. I just wondered how many other drunk white girls down in Cancun got ****** in that alley on that dirty old mattress that spring break.   I remember looking down at my body, I was a *** covered mess, my legs and face and stomach were smeared with dirt and ***; my hair totally evil, like “destroyed” and had pieces of trash in it with *** globs OMG – I looked totally slutty ..GAWD awful, but Mateo incredibly said I looked dirty-slutty-sexy, super-slutty, which he liked.  

After my gang ****, Mateo led me into the bathroom around the back, where workers clean up and such. I cleaned up my face and body and put my hair up and used damp paper towels to wipe the *** out of my *** and ***** and hair. After a couple of minutes, I didn't look too bad so I rejoined Amanda and her friends and Mateo back at the bar. I wondered if the guys Amanda met were planning the same thing for her, but she didn't leave with them, I guess I'll never know whether or not she got "drilled" that night.   I didn't tell Amanda what had happened that night. But the next day we "innocently" walked by the same place. I noticed the car was still parked there. It didn't even have tires! I peeked down the alley and I saw the old mattress leaned up against a pile of trash. The whole alley was pretty much a trash heap.   My ***** and *** were sore for a couple of days after that night. And, of course, every Mexican guy I saw, I wondered if he'd been there, if he'd had my *****, ***, or mouth.   We never went back to the bar, but a couple days later we were walking past and we looked in to see Mateo talking to another young, American girl. She was a very pretty blonde girl. She was wearing a thin, white, and completely see-through sarong over her G-string, a tiny bikini top that barely held in her big ****.   I admit I felt a little jealous, but I knew what she was in for.

Then a really dirty thought crossed my mind. I thought if I could get away from Amanda later, I'd like to come back and watch. But I never did.  Unfortunately, I ended up getting an STI that night called HPV, but it’s not too bad.  My doctor said HPV in young females are usually temporary and have little long-term significance.    I was like “WHEW” when he said that.
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fake storie

fake storie

Oh wow, that is one sexy story..You are amazingly hot!