Breaking The Stereotype

So, I've always been curious as to how sex would feel like. I would ask my friends who already had experiences and read about it on the Internet, the latter a bad idea for those who want to be encouraged. I would read that the first time would generally hurt or that you would bleed or that it was terribly painful that women would have to ask their men to stop as the pain were really unbearable. Because of that, I feared for my first time.

Just yesterday, I had my first experience and my I just say that it wasn't as painful as people made it out to be. The guy wasn't my boyfriend but we were friends and we started out slow. He didn't finger me but he did feel me up. And after some time kissing, he went for it. It was uncomfortable at first but it wasn't overwhelming. And we did it nice and slow. He did not even know it was my first time but he was gentle anyway. And it was actually a good experience for me. I made it through three ******* and so did he. I guess what really matters is that girls should be comfortable enough to go through it and that she is doing it with someone she trusts. If not, the tensed muscles would make the first time hurt bad.

The only pain I'm experiencing is the body ache after the first time. It's bad in the hip and bum area but everything else is all good.

VictoriaRavilo VictoriaRavilo
2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

How old are you?

Congratulations on your first experience and I wish you well and many "happy returns" of such a fun activity. You will have to keep us posted on future such experiences.

I will if I do have future experiences :) thanks for your time in reading my post!

You are most welcome and your description was so nice and I am glad it was so much fun!