Make Love To Me

On October 27 2012, the love of my life took me to see Les Miserables at a local performance hall. I was 17, and he, at the time, only 16. We were so excited; we'd been looking forward to the show for weeks. Dinner was a bit tense at best; there had been a brief disagreement. But when the curtain went up the petty conflict dissolved as we were swept away in the music we knew and loved. We laughed hard and cried harder. it was a magical experience. He even bought me the $30 Tshirt after the show. Afterward, I was to spend the night at his house. As soon as we got home, his mother went straight to bed. All his siblings were already asleep. We both knew then on some level exactly what was going to happen that night. He went to his bedroom and I to the guest room to change for bed. After about 10 minutes there was a soft knock at my door. I waited maybe five minutes more before stepping into the empty hallway. When I opened his door he was sitting up in bed waiting for me. The room was dark except for a glow from the crack in his closet door, across from the bed. Standing in that beam of light, I peeled off the only article of clothing I had on: a Tshirt I had borrowed from him to sleep in (though I knew I would probably have no use for it). I watched him as his eyes probed my body hungrily. He rose from the bed and I met him in he middle of the room. We couldn't get close enough as we embraced. I wanted to feel every inch of him; his strong arms, the soft warm skin on his back and shoulders, his perfectly formed rear. I tugged gently at his ample chest hair as he kissed my neck. "Come lay with me" he whispered sweetly.
The bed sheets were soft cotton and smelled of him. A tender sigh escaped him when I pressed against him. My body fit so perfectly by his side, as though we were cut from the same stone. My senses sang as he ran his warm, gentle hands over my breasts and down the curve of my sides, kissing me deeply all the while. The taste of him was intoxicating. After a while he rolled me over and straddled me. I could feel his heat resting on my crevice. I became more moist than I already had been. He lifted my chin to explore my eyes. He has a way of looking at me, as though he's discovered a rare jewel or priceless pearl. He closely examines one eye with an expression of wonder, then the other. He traces my features with his fingers, occasionally whispering that he must be the luckiest man in the world. It was in that manner that he explored me now. Gazing into those rich green eyes, I wanted nothing more than to give myself completely to him. The head of his member probed at my opening.
"I love you," he said.
I summoned my courage. I knew it was wrong, but it felt so right.
"Then make love to me, Evan."
"Oh, Baby, are you sure?" But his body gave away his eagerness. His head had already parted my nether lips. One move and he would have me. I felt the tension in his body. He rocked ever so slightly, pressing against me.
"We'll isn't that what we're doing?"
"Not...quite" I knew it wasn't his first time. I hadn't the slightest idea how to please him.
"I guess not..."
Time itself held its breath. He stayed there frozen, his strong arms cradling me, his manhood pushing at the threshold.
Then he said, "This is what making love is."
And he showed me.
He began to thrust deeper. Gently he inserted himself deeper with each shallow stroke. I moaned as I felt him fill me. He was so sensitive, so gentle that I felt no pain. Only his love as he poured into me. Finally I felt him reach some boundary inside me as he filled my entire passage.
"Ow, stop!"
"Oh! I'm sorry are you alright Baby?"
I nodded. Then smiled at him. "How could I be any better?"
He managed to return my smile. He was breathing heavily. I could feel him trembling ever so slightly. I loved the eager look in his eyes. "Make love to me," I repeated.
Accordingly, he began thrusting with more confidence than he had before. I moaned, eliciting an animal growl from him. His fingers gripped my shoulders and dug into my hair as he rode me more and more passionately. Finally, his thrusting subsided, "I need a minute."
"Why don't you go get the condom?"
"Are you sure you don't want to go longer?" He asked. But once again his face gave him away. I knew he was desperate to finish.
I had to smile. "Go"
He leapt from the bed and shoveled through my purse, his thick, 7.5 inch erection bouncing before him all the while. My body felt his absence strongly. I fingered my opening gently. Finally, he located my wallet and extracted the gold foil wrapper.
I watched, fascinated as he rolled the latex down over his ****.
Soon, we were back in position, and he was riding me ravenously. I reminded him to tell me when he came. I wanted to know the look in his eyes.
He soon warned me that he was getting close. I could feel him pressing even deeper inside me, faster with each stroke, his thrusting in perfect synch with mine. I never wanted it to stop.
Soon, he began to moan, nearly unable to catch his breath.
"Oh, god!" he cried, his voice shuddering. He gave one deep, hard thrust, and I felt him release inside of me. He pushed slow and steady in and out of me, digging his nails into my arms until he'd poured all of himself into me. And then he went still, his chest heaving.
I lifted his chin to see his face. his fire had been quenched, but the love in his smoldering eyes was every bit as selfless as ever. I loved him then more than I ever had as he lay there on top of me, still inside of me. We fell asleep in each other's arms that night, nothing between us but the love we had shared
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so you're a guy, who says you're a girl? Which one are you?

I am a girl. You're the second person to ask this, did I miss something in my writing that suggested I am male?

Oh I see, I had forgotten that I made myself a male in my profile information. I joined when I was very young, a little paranoid about sharing information on the internet.

we all were, some of us still are, i try to be as open as possible.

You could give E L James a run for her money! ;)

I dont get it. are you a guy?