It Wasnt That Great

My first time was with my best friend. He had talked me into giving him a blow job which became an everyday thing. One day during one of our daily ********, I told him that I wanted to have sex with him, and he was quick to flip me over onto my back and get ontop of me. He asked me if I was sure and I nodded. I thought being my friend, he would be gentle with me. I was wrong.

He pushed his **** into me, which caused me to cry out in a bit of pain. I had only ever fingered myself, and didn't realise how much it would hurt to be stretched out so much, so suddenly. He kept pushing, but it was hard for him to get his **** all the way in. "Slow down," I winced, holding onto him, but he ignored me and kept pushing harder into me. "Stop!" I said, gritting my teeth, due to the pain. I said it again, but he wouldn't listen to me, it felt like he just kept going harder and faster. It hurt so much, I had to just close my eyes and listen to his heavy breathing in my ear and wait till he finished. Afterwards he got off me, and we walked to a couch to sit on, but I was angry with him. He sensed this and told me he was sorry, he didn't want to stop because I was so tight, it was hurting him, so he just wanted to break me in.

I like to pretend the second time we had sex was the firs time, lol x)
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sounds like in all the times you sucked him off he never offered to lick you off! What a selfish *****. I've only ever popped one cherry; it wasn't the most fantastic sex ever - but at least I was considerate, and she kept on coming back for more (and better!)

Sounds like you got raped xP

Haha good story

Well I am glad your second time was better

So I take it that the second time was better?

A lot better. He went out of his way to be gentle, caring and sorta romantic about it the next time. I think he did it to redeem himself though so he could prove he is good in bed, lolz.