From The First Glance

Well, I was ttalking to someone else, we'll call him C. I met C on a social networking site, the guy had looks and charm. We went on two dates. I started getting concerned when he rejected 22 phone calls while out to breakfast.... but kept my mouth shut.... that night, I was on thee site. On said site you can secretly admire members. I had never admired before so I gave it a try, (reeling from the possibilities of those calls on C's phone) there were a few before I camee across a man.... his figure was cut, 5'11 145pounds, short brown hair, the most stunning smile I have EVER laid eyes on.... a year younger than I was, but what?! He lives in the same city?? I looked at his profile(out of curiosity of course) he had a daughter... and sooo many amazing qualities.not your normal dirt bag. He admired. Me back and soon struck conversation. I told him from the start there's some one I was talking to. But he ssaid he understood and was so sweet, and real. Made me feel so special. We'll after C's guilt haf been eating at him for a few days he called and spilled it. Not only was it his ex calling, he had left her the day before our date. Meaning, they were together the whole month wed been talking. He said his sorries, and I told him about Dave. He said id be better off with dave and was gone. I called dave that night, and asked him to go on a walk with me and my kidst twin girls(: crazy story he lived really close!) He did. My kids adored him he made me laugh...feel special,and wanted. After he kissed me...well. the rest is history.
Now we're living together, and tjough not married yet, we will be april 23rd 2013. And I can't wait!!!!
monstergirl1619 monstergirl1619
26-30, F
Jan 3, 2013