The First Time I Met My Husband

We were at a bar shooting a 9 ball tournament.  He told his brother that he wanted to make me his girlfriend.  He was messing around with a new cell phone, getting to know his phone. His pick-up line was, "how come I don't have your number in here?" I said "because you haven't asked me for it yet". Then I gave him my #. He had to leave early cuz his dad was sick, but he called the next day. The rest is obviouse, we were married that following June of "07", met in Dec. "06".   6mos. my seem to short, but we had many dates with alot of talking about our life's and what we want or expect from our mates in the future. Our family's get along, and we care about each other! what more can you ask for or want?  Our Life is still Loveing & Careing for each other & our family's!

sketer sketer
51-55, F
Feb 17, 2009