The First Time I Tried Anal Was By Accident

the first time i tried anal was by accident i went out for a drink with my mate and we had been drinking for quite a few hours and by the time we got to the last pub my mate was feeling really ill as he had enough to drink so he went home. so i stayed for a few more drinks and there was a short plump man drinking at the bar and i had been told before that he was as it got later this guy kept looking over at me so i winked at him and in a flash he was standing next to me offering to buy me another drink so i said yes please. so he was standing and i was sitting on a bar stool and as we were talking i felt his hand rest on my thigh so i looked at him and smiled so because i did not resist he slid his hand further up my thigh to my **** and he gave it a gentle squeeze again i just smiled at him so at stop tap (chucking out time) he asked me if i would like to go home with him so i said yes and as we were walking home he stopped me and pressed me against a wall and gave me a french kiss and i reciprocated his kiss and pushed my tongue right into his mouth and kissed him passionately so by the time we got back to his place he was really horney so he led me upstairs to his bedroom and proceeded to undress me then he took off his clothes and then he spred my legs and pushed his **** up my arse and when he had finished he just said get dressed now and go i asked him if i could see him again he said no so i cant say i enjoyed it cos i didnt it was to rushed and to uncomfortable so didnt try it again but if i find a considerate lover i might try again.
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I was very lucky my first time, He brought some K y, worked on me until I begged him to inter me, It hurt but the pain only made me feel special for him. like you it was a one night stand. I was on a layover The next day I was back to trucking. never did make it back to that bar. I'm happy he was so sweet and kind to me. I think of him often. xoxo KD.

thank you for your kind reply

Hope your next time is more sensual and gentle rather than rushed and painful

thank you for your kind reply

He was a jerk. He could have slowed down for you.

Yes dear a good *** ****** gets you ready first then ***** you till you come.

What a horror that man was! Absolutely no respect or amiability. Once he'd had you he just wanted to get rid of you. At least the first man to do me, was nice to me afterwards, even though I wasn't nice to him.

Yes the first time is so often a complete disaster.
It took several years and various painful experiences before I finally found somebody who made it good for me.
There are things you can do yourself to make it better too. Homework is the key!

So true! I love the homework!

Oh honey, it's to bad it went so quickly for you! I hope you can find a considerate lover! One that would take you gently, make love to you the way you deserve! In the proper loving hands, you will be taken to the edge of existence, and then be brought back to reality slowly and gently!

thanks for your comment hun so thoughtful of you.

Thank you for sharing your story!