My First Time In Panties

Several years ago, my wife had read a few different BDSM books to liven up our sex life.  Power exchange was one of the things that caught her attention.  Particularly feminisation since it was so taboo.  I had never had any desire or experience in this before.  My wife didn't tell me this was her intention right away, she subtly eased me into it.

She would wear these satin flowery panties and straddle my c*ock and rub me.  She always asked how it felt.  Of course it felt great. She then would take her wet panties off and start giving me hand jobs with them until I came in them.

One day she outright asked me to please put them on.  I was very hesitant given at the time I thought it was kinda sissy-ish. She then promised she would never tell anyone unless I gave permission and if I didn't like it I didn't have to do it again.  So I put these black and red flowery satin panties on.

I got hard and immediately started leaking precum.  This did not escape her attention - I was very embarrassed that I got hard after putting them on. She on the other hand grinned from ear to ear.  She would sucked on me through the panties and then finished with head which was hardly something I could deny.  She is super sexual and after finding out I liked to wear panties, started going out any buying me my own.  She has since expanded my horizons and has bought me bras, stockings, skirts, garter belts and we have girly nights now when we do face masks, make up, nails, hair, etc.  

We have also gone into strap on play and talks about me feeling a real **** in me and she laughs about making me a *** **** because she loves the look of my mouth with a **** in it.  Having never had any bi tendencies, this ideas really turns me on now and I look forward to the new things she will introduce me to. 

I have found my submissive sissy side and love it now though it took me some time to come to grips with a side of me that I find embarrassing (no one knows about it - though I would love to serve her friends as a sissy maid) and no clue it even existed.  She tells me once I have a real ****, I'll be addicted to it and will crave **** all the time....mmmm I am so lucky to have such an awesome wife.
yourbich yourbich
36-40, M
Jul 10, 2010