My Wife Turned Me Into A Woman

One day completely out of the blue my wife said to me I don't want you to **** me any more , confused I said why not , because sweety she said I want you to be a woman . She told me that she had been shopping and had bought some clothes. What have you bought I said , oh just some things that will make you what I want you to be. She then started to take her shopping out of the bags.
First out was a pair of black patterned pantyhose followed by a pair of silk knickers take your pants and underware off honey, I want you to put these on , I reluctantly did as I was asked ,it felt strangely take off your shirt , I was into the swing by now ok I said
Put this on she said opening another bag it was a lace bra . Mmm it felt really good .next she took out a long black dress , are you going to put it on for me ? Why not I was nearly there now .how good do you look she said ? I didnt know ,how good did I look .just a couple of things left Denise . Who was Denise I asked . It will be you when we have finished sweety . Next she took out a long black wig i put it on , only one thing left to do I wondered what was next .make up came out of the final bag I will do it for you this time but you will have to learn to do it for yourself in future . I looked in the mirror ,she had done it .I was Denise . Still am Denise i have been like this for two years now . Next fall I am having a sex change all thanks to my wife Karen . She got the friend she really wanted

Tikin Tikin
2 Responses Aug 20, 2011

That's nice dear.

What a transformation! I hope the rest of your life goes well for you both!!