My Wife Wanted Me To Wear Her Panties

  The first time I wore womens panties was on Jan. 19,1998 and it was at the request of my wife....

        We got married on Dec. 29,1997 and we've only been married for 3 weeks when this happened. I got home from work onthis day and my wife was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I went in to her and gave her a Kiss and hug, then i went to take a shower, after my shower i went in to the living room to watch some TV. Thats when my wife came in and sat next to me, she told me dinner would be ready in about 30 minutes. Then she asked me if I would do something for her, I told her i would do anything she wanted. and at that she smiles and got up went into our bedroom, when she returned a minute later she had a pair of her Black Satin bikini panties in her hand. and sat down again. Then she started to tell me  that shes been thinking all day about how i would look wearing a pair of her panties, and the though of it got her so horney. How keep in mind i'm 37 years old and i never though about wearing womens panties , I love to see women in panties, but I never had any desire to wear them or even try them on.

   I said to her " your kidding right honey" and she said "NO"  and then said " you told me you would do anything for me right" and that I did say. So i said "OKAY HONEY" I took them from her and went into the bedroom to put them on. when i returned she was all smiles and happy, she walked over to me and rubbed my *** thru my pants to feel the panties, I have to say that felt very nice. Then she undid my belt and my pants anf pulled them down, then she rubbed my *** again that felt even better. then she rubbed my **** and that was great the fell of Satin being rubbed on my **** felt GREAT. Them she reached inside the panties and tucked my **** between my legs, and she lokked and said " now that looks much better that way. She then said to me " they looked great on me, better then she could imagine that they would" she loved the way i looked in her panties. I have too say i liked the way they felt, and the way they looked too . My wifes ***** got so wet.

We made love for hours that night and it was the best sex we had to date. The morning can and i got up for work , I went and took a shower when I got back to our bedroom, my wife was awake, And she was smiling like never before. I asked her if she enjoyed last night and she said OH GOD YES, she also said that me in her panties was the best, and asked me to wear a pair of her panties too work . And i told her okay. She went to her panty draw and picked out a sexy pair for me to wear, They were HOT PINK LACE ,  and i put them on and she loved it, then she tucked my **** down between my legs and it looked even better. so i got dressed and went to work.

The day was great and i flet so sexy in my wifes panties, but one of my wifes friend came up to me and asked if i was wearing panties, and i said no way, she told me that when i was bending over she was walking by and saw my pink panties. I asked her too please not tell anyone, and she said okay but i had too show her the panties i was wearing. so i said okay , we went into an office and i pulled down my pants to show her, She loved it and started to rub my **** thru them. I asked her to stop because i love my wife and she said okay. And before I pulled up my pants she bent over and kissed my **** thru them. I have to tell you it felt GREAT and I loved it. Lisa is very beautiful  and sexy, but like I said I love my wife..

     Weel the rest of the day went by great, and I felt so sexy in my wifes panties and every once in awhile Lisa would come over and rub my ***, mmmmmmmmmm I loved that it made me feel even sexier. Before the end of the day Lisa came over and asked if shee could see me in my wifes panties again, and I said okay, so we went back to the office and this time she undid my pants and pulled them down and started to rub my ***, I must admit i was enjoying it very much. and this time I let her do it longer, then she started to rub my ****, and i was getting harder and harder as she did, she aked if I lived that and I told her I loved it. and she keep on rubbing. She then asked me if I liked wearing my wifes panties and I told her YES In fact I loved wearing them. and while she was rubbing I felt 2 more hands on my ***, I wasn't sure who it was, but at that point I didn't even care. Then Lisa moved and the other person took her place and another pair of hands where on my ***. it was Lisa's friends Veronica and Sonia, who are also friends of my wifes. Sonia was behind me rubbing the head of my **** and Veronica was in front of me rubbing the shaft of my ****. With in minutes I was shooting my load in my wifes panties and loved it, the girls said look me made him ***. and then Lisa bent down and licked some of my *** from the panties. They let me get dress and told me how sexy I looked and how much they enjoyed it, I told them Thank you and that I enjoyed it also.

We all left the office and got ready to go home. When I got home my wife asked how my day was and I told it was great, that i loved wearing her panties all day, that i felt so sexy and hot in them. She was very happy to here that. Then she asked me if anyone know i was wearing her panties or did anyone see them. I told her yes and told her all that happened and she was excited and loved the fact that others saw them on me and that they enjoyed seeing me in them too.

Well i guess you can tell by now that she asked me to wear her panties again that night and I said YES I'd loved too...

And I have been wearing panties every since that day, and I so glad that my wife wanted me too. The week went by and my wife bought me my own panties and got rid of all my dull male underware, I'm so glad she did. After wearing panties for the week my wife started to dress me in skirts,blouses and dress, but thats another story.



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I am wearing my wife's panties right now at work. I mouthed off to her last night and this morning she threw them to me and told me I was her ***** and should never be mouthy to her. I put them on as my **** grew hard and she laughed. "You really are a ***** aren't you panty boy?" she taunted. I just hung my head and mumbled "Yes Ma'am...". I love her power over me and there is no doubt when I get home there will be a long list of housework for me to do while she goes out clubbing with her girlfriends. She said she wants me in just the panties when her friends come to pick her **** is dripping just thinking about it. I am so in love with her. I hope she cheats on my tonight and comes home with a ***** full of ***.....I deserve to be made to lick her clean of another mans *** as punishment for mouthing off.

Lucky you.

very hot! love wearing my wifes panties and wanking in satin for me

Great story!

Mmm very hot

That is what makes sex so much fun. Wearing the panties and having a hard hard hard **** inside the panty. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what a turn on. I Love to wear my wife's panties a lot. in fact I am wearing a pair of baby blue nylon panties & I am getting real hard & wet. Hmmmmmmmm I Love Panties.

What a great work of fiction. :-/

Your so lucky i love wearing knickers but i have to wear them secretely incase my mother saw me wearing them its a shame because knickers are so much more comfier than boxers

There's something so delicious about wearing silky, satin, or nylon panties under the covers. I just wonder what the true percentage of men are who would like to wear panties, have tried them and like it, or wear them all the time? Perhaps if it became normalised, it would be less appealing? The naughty factor definitely comes into play.

I would guess that it is many more males who have this secret desire than would admit.

How blessed are those guys who have a partner who encourages and enjoys this harmless underwear spin.

My wife buys my nylon panties and loves me to wear them all the time.

Thank you for sharing this lovely story.

Well, since she didn't loose her mind when you admitted that her friends saw the panties, I wonder if she called them & told them that you were her new pantie boi. We all know too well that panties are crack. Try them one time & you are hooked

It is something incredible. If the my wife asked me for it, I would be happiest of people. My wife lets me wear panties because loves me, but isn't pleased with it.

Wearing panties is such a thrill ! Been wearing them for many years ! And yes women love to see me wearing them ! Don't know why but I'm not a out to question it !!

Sounds fantastic ! especially ******* in the panties


wow... really nice even we do that at times....

My wife and I had made love. Her panties were on the floor and I pick them up and put them on. That was the first time she had seen me in panties. I don't know what she was thinking. She is very controlling and would do things against my wishes. I gave her control because otherwise we would clash. We started exchanging underwear in bed. She would give me her panties and I would give her my briefs. In our world she was the husband and I was the wife. She would decide for the both of us. Now she buys me panties to wear. All I have to do is show her my panties and she gets horny. She wears men's briefs and she loves it. She always reminds me that she is the one that wears the pants. I agree and that is the way I like it. My wearing panties has brought us closer together.

Love your story. What a wonderful initiation into wearing panties.

Your Wife and her Friends are Very Intelligent Women. men Need to get in touch with the Femininity and Women that realize this are the Best benefactors!! Male Femininity is a Growing Trend and it is Better for Society!!!

Wonderful story

Very good for the two of you!

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

Nive story. Umm nice. yep got me. lol

What a hot story! You are really lucky. I wish my wife would do that for me.

you lucky sod, i wish that was me. i would LOVE that experience over and over again and again and again, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I love wearin my wifes silky panties. The way it makes my **** look in it its unbelievable. I put dem on every chance I get especially my wifes used pantie. I love licking n smelln her used pantie and rubbn dem on my hard ****.1 day I was wearn her silky g string n she come over 2 me n rub my **** making me hard she pulls down my pants n bite my **** thru her pantie she's suckn on my **** thru her pantie making me shoot a load of *** on her pantie my wifes sucks d *** off her pantie n enjoy swallown my ***. She enjoyed every bit of me cummin in her pantie. Even wear her used pantie 2 work as it has her ***** smell on it

I use to wear my sisters panties secretly when I was a kid and never told any one. After I got married I started to secretly wear my wifes. she caught me one day and I was scared she would leave me. She just said I looked cute in them. Every night now when she takes hers off she gives them to me and I put them with my clothes for the next day and wear them. I have worn her panties from the day before every day for 4 years now and love it. I am bi and love sex with guys and they love it when they see my panties.

You should write a full story about this!

One of my ex girlfriends wanted to see me in a pair of her knickers, so we went into her bedroom she undressed down to just her bra and kinickers, which always gave me a *****, she picked out some of her knickers and laid them on her bed, she ******** me, and then picked out a pair of cotton flowered patterned knickers and put them on me, they felt so soft, but I had such a hard-on I nearly snapped her knicker elastic.

nice story i like the hand job part but they should of made you clean it up. I am hard

Ultimate bullshit story!