In The Groove

I love that phrase.. In the Groove.. The cool kids will understand The Funk of Life .. the sweet spot.. the special place.. the down low that maybe only a few know about at any one time.. Smokey Robinson is part of the funk of life and in the groove for me. I never tire of his music and his songs just take me to that great happy place in my life. My life is usually happy anyway but that nostalgic feeling for certain decades of your life .. you know what i mean.. ahhh memories .. xox
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4 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Ahhh just read a great post by Madhatter about Prince and Parliament.. George Clinton, music that i classic and you always love it all through the years. When they do it right, it lasts forever. Makes you feel like dancin doesn't it? Get up offa that thingggggg and dance til you feel betta :0) hahahaha.. good good memories and grooooooves :)

Awwww garvan honey ! Thank you so much! It is part of my joy to make others laugh! We all need it to keep us our best and happy selves :) Just gotta keep sharin the lovvvvvvve. xox my friend :) xoxoxxo

What a fun person you are with a wonderful sense of humor,I wish the likes of you were more abundant in society,the world would be so much richer.

Thanks HH :) My taste in music is probably the same as yours i would say, broad and eclectic too. Everything from rap to Bollywood Indian music to the Beatles.. not very fond of reggae or opera.. but pump up the volume on the Black Eyed Peas and Christina Aguilera and it gets my blood pumpin.. great dancin music.. love the disco era too, R&B, some country, love Lyle Lovett, Maroon5, Train, jason mraz, The Temptations, Supremes, Commodores, Earth, Wind & Fire.. so so many, Parliament, Ludacris. Can't really live w/o music i would say. Such depth and meaning and memories and fun! Magic stuff. I did not create this story idea, i am just the first contributor and i know it made me happy when i saw it .. I felt inspired to write something about it. "The groove" has always been a part of my "hippie" life .olollol ..