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Aunt Mary Was A Meanie

Aunt Many was a blt of a religious fanatic...always with the roasary beads and novenas. She never married and was really my Mother's Grandmother's sister. When Aunt Mary came to visit, we all suffered. It was a small apartment with my folks and 2 young kids...not really enough room for visitors. I never saw her smile. Twice she tried to burn the house down...everyone said it was an accident...or that she was losing it... to my young eyes she did it on purpose.

Yep Aunt Mary had a mean streak. It dominated her personality. From the age of 3 and my earliest memories of her, I sure didin't like her, Aunt Mary always came visiting  with money...$10 for my brother and $1 for much as she didn't  like me, she loved my brother. And being a kid he rose to the occasion. The more my brother acted up the more Aunt Mary praised him and the more she blamed me...Aunt Mary was quite a liar..." I saw Frito hit him!"  "Frito started it." My exasperated Mother didn't care who started it...she just wanted it to stop cause Mom already had her hands full dealing with Aunt Mary....taking her to visit with the prients, taking her to religious shrines,  getting the family up early to pray the roasary...all this piety and then taking whacks at me when my folks weren't looking.

Aunt Mary lived with us for a few miserable years. She floated through the tiny apartment in a black nighty, often declaring she was dying and needed the priest. My father would be dispatched to get one and invariabally she would make a miraculous recovery . After the 2nd fire she went into a religious home she picked out. Every Sunday for 6 years we would ride 2 buses over 50 minutes to visit her.  Aunt Mary was never happy to see us. It was my job to find her...and I knew just where to go...I'd find her on her knees in church, probably praying for the sinners in her family.

When I was 9 I refused to visit her ever again. It was the emancipation of Frito. The home had called and said she might not live through Christmas.  My Dad was working on Christmas Day, my Mom was sick and in bed so my brother and I were given her wrapped present and sent by bus to deliver it. .My brother, being older and much wiser sent me in alone to face her...The nuns grimly led me to her room, and there she pulled herself up and screamed...."get out ...get out...I don't want you...where's your Mother...wheres's your brother? get out of here now"  Quite a performance for an old lady on her deathbed.

I won't lie. At first I was traumatized...cried all the way home on the bus. And no one made me visit her for a long timne.
Aunt Mary lived several more years and I spent my time at that home talking with much kinder souls. There were some wonderful elderly folks there and we actually like each other.

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**** aunt Mary... may she burn in hell eternally for treating a child, or anybody else for that matter, so horribly. I don't give a **** what she may or may not have endured in her childhood. To me, the key here is to not "forgive" that mean evil nasty *****, but to move past the abuse she dished out.

hI<br />

Sounds like a Mary I know she smokes the ****, and is over 60/70 years old.<br />
Mary aint no Saint.<br />
<br />
(Also older religious people can tend to be pretty judgmental and closed minded. The safety of fear and judgement. Protected by the Church. )

Well written. My father would go visit my grandfather and I had to sit in the car and wait which bothered me because my grandfather was my friend when I was a little kid because he cared about me and I didn't think my parents did.

i wonder if there was some kind of dimentia involved here..................not that it makes it any easier,,,,,,,,,.

Sounds like the perfect lesson in how to deal with difficult people. I hate to imagine what a life it must have taken to cause a personality like that to form... Catholic orphanage is my guess.

sounds like she was a nut case to me!

Oh boy, she was something else! I remember friends having mean Aunts or Uncles or Grandparents when younger. I hope those "old school fanatics" don't have the power they use to. Please tell me that we're enlightened enough not to let them rule families anymore. They are the last people that should have any say in the family. I have a mean sister who acts like this but I wouldn't give her a chance to harm one of my children. If she can't be nice and treat them with love, they don't need to have a relationship with her.

What ever happened to the *****? She sounded like a nasty piece of work.

I know someone like that at work, I call her "Mean Girl", She instigates fights at work and throws co-workers under the bus by telling stories to the boss. I could go on, but I'm lucky in comparison to you, because I'm not related to her nor do I have to visit or live with her. "Mean Girl' is a terror. I never met anyone as mean as her. I feel sorry you had to endure such a toxic relative. I don't feel your family stepped up to the plate; they knew what was going on. Aunt Mary intimidated and scared them enough to not do something about that cruel behavior towards you. Why did your mother let such a terrible person into your life? Relative or not, she deserved to be scorned from your family. So called 'people' like that die in nursing homes all alone. You reap what you sow.

Many of us @ EP had mean-spirited, favorite-playing relatives or even parents! Some blamed G-d, some denied blame, some refused to admit reality as we experienced it. Please note G-d DOESN'T APPROVE of insincere "piety." Jesus's harshest criticisms were for the Pharisees, the religious hypocrites of His day. He embraced the poor, sick, lonely, and outcast sinners such as we are, and declared He came for US. This is the real "reason for the season." Way too much commercial hype and inflated Currier & Ives/Norman Rockwell expectations obscure its true meaning and value. Do something for those less fortunate than you today: if you're reading this, you can afford a home, electricity, a computer and you have your eyesight, so right there you have more than MANY people. Even if you're home sick, you can donate on-line to help people or animals--doesn't matter how little, if everyone who could give $2 to a charity did it, there'd be millions! You will feel better about yourself and about Christmas if you do this, I guarantee it.

why is it allways the religious people who go nuts????!!! i have a brother who claims to be religious but he sure dont act like he is............ if you dont belive in his god then he comdems you to hell........YEA RIGHT LOl

Yeah, it seems that way.I think it's partly that their religion tells them that it's okay to see and hear things that aren't there, and people already having these psychotic hallucinations are drawn to religions. Then, there's the condemnation angle - and the book they';re reading can be used to justify condemnation for anything - from stealing and murdering, to failing to beat one's children (to death under some conditions), to justifying impregnating one's own daughters, to killing infants and pregnant women, to taking female captives as "sex slaves". Most people don't go along with those things in their holy book, but they're there.

I'm not coming down on people who use whatever religion they have to try to lead a better life or make themselves better people, but too many people use it in reverse.

phred yep ur right they do

I have an aunt who is like your aunt Mary; except my aunt is the mediator in our family. Mean, controlling, vindictive, "always is right" and one lonely lady. We all love her but cant stand her at the same time.

aww!is there something you did so she wouldnt like you?

Brought tears to my eyes~i can seriously relate to you maam

I am so glad I never had to deal with that. I would have lost my sanity and probably killed her if she was my aunt. I mean when I have to be around people I can't stand, sometimes it takes all I've got to keep myself in control.

This is brilliant.

psh i wouldn't go see her either lol

Thank God, you can laugh now. Maybe she was bipolar. We are told to help the weak and afficted. She was afflicted in mind and attitude.<br />
<br />
I had to work 2 years around such a person. She prayed a lot too. She sang the most beautiful melodies, alone, at the altar, praying to God. She was a different person at the altar. I once heard her say to God,"I'm going to be good. I'm going to be nice.," but she wasn't for a long time. She eventually changed and became like an angel. Hope you Aunt is RIP.

Thank God, you can laugh. Maybe she was bipolar. We are told to help the weak and afficted. She was afflicted in mind and attitude.<br />
<br />
I had to work 2 years around such a person. She prayed a lot too. She sang the most beautiful melodies, alone, at the altar, praying to God. She was a different person at the altar. I once heard her say to God,"I'm going to be good. I'm going to be nice.," but she wasn't for a long time. She eventually changed and became like an angel. Hope you Aunt is RIP.

wow what a miserable person you had to deal with. Those are not the kind of people who should call themselves spiritual. She sounds mental. Glad its over for you, hope things are better.


She deserves it.

Thanks humingis....I love your last line about the "bad boss!"<br />
<br />
And thanks fifth...there were lots of lovely folks in the home that were wonderful!

Yeah i've got some crazy mean great aunts. It's usually attributed to their age. They didn't used to be that way by all accounts. It sucks when someone you have to respect treats you horribly. That's like a bad boss but you don't get paid... Condolences.

there are kinds of people in the world who consider themselves better just because they are religious. but being religious don't matter to God, i guess. God wants us to worship him, follow his commands, love him, trust him and the likes. He wants us to show the love not only to him but more of to others who are our brothers and sisters by faith. <br />
<br />
Maybe your aunt has her reasons why she hate you. Just try to understand whatever reasons she may have for liking your brother and disliking you. You don't know the story behind her and why she is acting that way. and another, we cant please everybody. don't mind her if she doesn't want to be minded. still, you sure got companies that treat you nicely.

You're right Tas...she was quite the character! :)<br />
<br />
Datura...I can't believe Aunt Mary had an evil twin!!!...your Aunt Nan. Hahaha I forgot about those awful, she kicked your shins....she sounds like a more evil meanie than Aunt Mary.

How did I miss this terrific story?! Frito, You took me right back to memories of my own childhood! Aunt Nan was her name and she lived next door with my grandmother, her sister. She too spent a lot of time praying loudly for all of us sinners and telling us all the reasons we were going to go to hell. She despised me, although in front of Grandma she patted my head and said I was such a dear little thing. When no one was looking she pinched me in the arm...hard! And kicked my shin. I was terrified of her and her black lace up old lady shoes!

Family characters are fun to write about .. but usually no fun to live with ..

Thank you Veronicamonica and Lunarstrings. It was a long time ago and no it didn't make me bitter....I think we all knew she was somewhat off...thank you both for your comments!