The Strong...Aunt Ekku

Aunt Ekku was my friend's aunt...and I knew this story well by the time I actually met her. At 17, with a shaved head and covered in lice, she was being marched most likely to her death ,when she and a friend ran for it, scambling off the road and running for their lives. I'm sure details aren't totally accurate since the story came to me third hand but the gist of it is true.
Ekku was a Hungarian Jew in a Nazi camp that was close to liberation. As they ran, Ekku heard the gunfire behind them, and at first thought it was for them...later realized that the women she was marching with were probably being murdered..

She never saw her friend again...doesn't know whether she lived...they separated and went in different directions with Ekku making it into a German town and frantically knocking on doors until a woman took her in. I understand they remained in touch until the woman died many years later.

Ekku immigrated to the United States, married and raised children and developed a successful  business in the Garment District of New York.
Her family adored her...her business associates respected her...when I met her she had long ceased to be a young woman but the grip of her handshake was solid...Ekku had a remarkable sense of presense.

I think this story needs to be told...for many reasons...history tells us of so many examples of man's inhumanity to man...the Armenians and the own country's treatment of Native Americans. But there is the other side...the ones who try to do the right thing...the brave the German woman who risked her family's lives by hiding Ekku.

And Ekku herself could have become bitter...4 of her 6 siblings were killed along with her parents...she suffered terribly, immigrated to a country with nothing, not even an understanding of the language. But she survived and thrived.. My friend's Aunt Ekku is a woman I admire for her strength, her personal compassion, and her ability to rise above what most of us can't even imagine.

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She was remarkable! glad you enjoyed reading about her.

really satisfying~enjoyed reading about others bravery~truly she has gone thru more than her share~luv the write

And there are so many we never get to meet or know their true "stories." I sooo agree Kindal, they are an "inspiration."

She was a remarkable woman, my friend's nailed it Brainyblond withe the word resiliant.<br />
Thank you.

Glad you appreciate it..Thanks Opium.

There are good people in this world TEP and even in wartime they are on both sides...thanks so much! :)

Thanks Salar.....<br />
We keep repeating mans inhumanity to man but despite that there are always some that rise above with honor and courage and dignity...I admire these folks so much! :)<br />
<br />
Thanks LV...<br />
There is always long as there is life but I guess most of us need to be reminded of this,,I know I do. :)

So true, there are good people in the world, and that means there is always hope.<br />
<br />
thank you very much for sharing this

Another gem Frito , thanks for posting .... History has taught us one thing and that it has taught us nothing .

She is an inspiration....I wish there was a way to convey her sense of "presense." Meeting her and not even knowing her story I'm pretty sure we would know she was a force to be reckoned with...a very good force. Thanks Overthe stupidness.

Thanks Lizzybitts...there are so many stories that are lost or we never hear. Hearing "others' truths" can be a powerful eye-opener! Ekku's sure opened mine!

What a truly inspiring story......we cry over such petty things....we need to hear other's truths to get over ourselves!!!! Thank you for sharing!

I'm glad you enjoyed it Paco...thanks so much! :)

Great embracing story, Fito. True stories of people I love hearing about. <br />
Thank you. <br />

Thanks NO8DO...I admire them too! xoxo

Thanks Trailguide...this story has been on my mind for a while.

Thank you for this story Frito! It is so powerful on so many

Both Ekku and the woman who hid her are inspiring...thanks Des!

Thanks Juan...She's a real person with a compelling true story! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading about Ekku!

I love good news stories.<br />
Thank you!<br />
They are the only REAL news out there.