The Psychiatrist From Hell: Eduardo Garcia

My first psychiatrist, was a man who had a god complex a mile wide. People fell head over heels for this man, and for what? He had this thick bristly gray mustache, and gray hair. My coworker and friend told me that I'd dread him, and would want out of there very quickly.

How right she was.

The typical visit with this man, consisted of him sitting at the computer playing games, and not giving you eye contact. The total visit would last eight minutes. One such visit consisted of him telling me that I would begin an outpatient program. This outpatient program had a different psychiatrist.

He must not have known.

Two months later, I tell him that the program is going well, and that I can "mask" my symptoms. I also told him that the psychiatrist there prescribed me three medications, and took me off the one that HE prescribed. His eyes got huge, and silently cursed me out in Spanish. He wrote me prescriptions for the same drugs that the outpatient program put me on, and told me to never accept prescriptions from there.

What I didn't know, was that since I had switched psych doctors, the insurance wouldn't cover HIS visits.

He ended up stating that I owed him $624 dollars. I think it was his responsibility, since he referred me to the outpatient program.
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People who go to med school say they know in the first year who is going into psychiatry because they are nuts and cheep and want to cure themselves.