Hell And Heaven

Well well, if I had to discuss all the ugly characters I have known, you'd be reading a book.
Let's start off with the good ones, my grandparents and my mother, and only sometimes my dad, (which is maybe rude to say but I'll explain later.) who are very dear to me. Also, a few people who are my friends, who are always good to me and who I love. Let's now start out with the ugly, and the mid-ugly ones. My dad, if you were curious about him, is a very dominant man. And I can't stand dominance. He thinks he's the boss, and can rule the world, and can dominate me and my mother. But he is wront at one thing, we're not sheep. And he's not a sheperd. Next up in line is my lovely neice. The weird thing is, we liked each other when we were children. Well, I liked her, while she kept slapping me. When we grew up it kept becoming worse, she's actually mean to me, for some reason. She gossips, lies, everything to make herself look good. Yes, I admit, at one point I couldn't bear it anymore and yes I have said stuff to her that was mean. But god, she makes you want to commit a massmurder. All those mean little things just stack up, and make me explode. But she's family. I'm ought to love my family. Another character, I don't really know, my aunt. My mother and my aunt have been in a fight for years, ain't it decades. I don't know why, my mother doesn't want to talk about it, and I never speak my aunt. When I hear about the things she has done to my grandmother, it would make me be angry with her too. But the problem is that I never really got to know her. And I will never forget, that as a child I told her once that I wanted a pet so badly but couldn't have one. A few days later a cage with a little bunny was standing in front of my door. I wanted to keep the pet so badly, but my mother didn't let me keep it. This may sound childish, but it wasn't the bunny's fault. My mother brought it back to her sister with the necessairy fighting. And boy did I feel guilty. But on the other hand, I heard that she said really mean things to my grandmother, returned her gifts because she didn't like them, just being rude. She has a child, and my grandmother can't touch it. I've never seen her child. And my grandmother, my sweet naive grandmother who has done so many things for me, just lets it come over her. She cried her eyes out, a lot, in my presence. But it's hard to comfort her, seen all she's been through and the very little experience I have with sadness. But I love them, I love all the people that are good to me and without bad intentions.
IthinksoIam IthinksoIam
18-21, F
Apr 24, 2012