When You Have Something Really Important to Say

HICK  up !!

You just know when you give the best advice its with a hiccup... then  apologize because they think your drunk !! BAH  .... your not drunk.. !!  course not... LISTEN TO ME .... HICK!!    ****  i do have something to say <Hick> its important <hick>  hmmm  What was i saying ? ... Yep < hick>  i do remember but < hick> I want you to know <hick > i don't need another drink <hick> OK <hick> Water....... yup.... CHEERS !! <hick>   Stupid hiccups...who believes you when your hiccup-ing ???  i do < Hick>

ARGHHHH  Im going to  bed... keep losing it... dammit !! < hick>   I did wont to say something.. but the hiccups get me every time....

I'm going to go upside down ..... I'M NOT DRUNK !!!! < HICCUP>      ARGHHHHHHHH

caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
3 Responses Jun 5, 2007

sometimes its just better to get drunk....

Oh gawd .... i did...(hickup) Still DO !!

would ya like a paper bag???