Here we go again. Now this one might get me into trouble. Who cares. Now this hoax created by the CIA is just in. Yes, I know that there are actual beheadings that go on today. And there are many who have lost their lives because of their beliefs. But I just watched the video of the man known as James Foley. A beheading ? Im sorry.......but I DID NOT feel anything. Im empathic, and we feel everything. The video gave me no emotions from within. No fear, no panic, just absolute deception. It was like it was so lame. Just actors getting paid to promote this stupid war. More mass hysteria, stress, and anxiety. That's all it is people. I can say a whole lot more on this, but I wont.
Any comments. =)
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All governments are corrupt and not to be trusted.Biggest hypocrites under the sun.

aichooo... im allergic to BS thats what id say after watching the video :)

Hello Bloomish my friend. What you are witnessing here is the beginning of the end. I feel that this is just another Zionist orchestrated plot used to create an agenda by distorting the truth , while maintaining power and authority over humanity.

I think we should do something about ISIS regardless of the journalist dying or not.

It appeard that we are in this for the long haul now. Obama is putting forth a very strategic plan with air and minute ground troops abroad. I believe that this will at best keep ISIS from expanding to the point where they will remain a global threat to the world into the next generation.

Hello back at ya Zonus :) :)
One does not gain anything with such things except for directing people towards pointless destruction.
ITs sad that innocent people get to pay the prices to such hoax stories :(

ISIS isn't a hoax. The beheading might have been bull, don't know, but ISIS is real.

Yes, you are correct. =)

INNOCENT PEOPLE? We are fighting for the innocent people! ISIS is ruthless regardless of the beheading.

For sure it is :)

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Hey, I've been talking to other people, and they claim they've seen the entire video. They said they saw the beheading abd pictures afterwards with his head sitting on his body. They say the authorities have deemed it to be authentic.

Authentic ? Now how can you tell what is authentic based on what the government tells us. And please do not tell me it starts with politics. =)

No. I'm saying I've heard people tell they saw the whole video before YouTube removed it.

But in MY opinion, it doesn't matter. I thinm they should do something about ISIS regardless.

They are not. ISIS is being use right now to usher in the next World War.


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Agreed - I watched the video, only after I was sure it was a hoax, being a coward - It is like a bad soap opera.

I couldn't quite work out the accent of 'the man in black' -I think it is a 'mix', when I went back to listen the video had disappeared - and this is what was on the screen -

'This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content'

You couldn't make it up could you?

I was listening to Radio 4 ( BBC) at the time and they were talking to all sorts of journalists, some about the British Gov wanting to make it illegal to watch such videos ect - and some from the US - one question asked of them all was 'have you watched the video?' and the US journalists they asked all said NO - No they had not watched it - and these are the informed ones who tell us how it is? No they had not watched it - 'Out of respect for his parents' mmmmm right.

ISIL is holding the Oil Fields - to control the Petro Dollar better -

Interesting. So some here are aware that ISIS is a US funded organization that is currently recruiting people from all demographics around the world. Islam is a very serious ordeal in some European countries, and many of them are Caucasian. This is not a surprise to you I am sure. But this goes way beyond Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq.

The Army began in Afghanistan to Yugoslavia to Chechnya to Syria to Iraq - having been in a few other 'tiffs' on the way.

The Syrians were calling them Saudis and Chechens - I dunno, I am not there - but this is what I have understood - It is an on going proxi Army - for the never ending War.

Interesting take. Not CIA. It's Al Quaeda recruiting propaganda like in 2000

why is this site not being properly used?

The CIA has a huge hand when it comes to warfare and military propaganda. Remember Cheney and friends with Halliburton. Now how ugly was that. =)

Its getting really serious really fast now.

Zonus I got the exact same feeling when I read the story and saw the photos.

I keep getting that this ISIS guy has connections with the US. That's what Im getting at this present time. And there are people who know where they are.......

Um... why didn't they show the beheading? Is it even real?

Oh. Just read the title. Hoax.

Their other videos aren't fake though.

Ive seen the real video. Its not real. No emotions whatsoever. Just people in high positions of power using religion to deceive the feeble minded and weak. Nothing more.

I meant the videos about the random killings, not the Foley crap.

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The accent doesn't sound real either and I've heard a lot of accents (working at a university for 25 years and living in this city), flat emotions like it was scripted. If you start studying the Newtown, Conn. shooting you will see something similar with some of the so-called "grieving parents".

I agree. Definitely seemed fake.

If your son had just been beheaded you would be in a terrible state - incapable of speech - they are fakes - and bad ones - how wicked to play with peoples emotions so -

Do the people who believe them watch too many soap operas or something?

No. People are human and sometimes they rely on emotionalism rather than logic. They would rather feel obligated to what is their own self interest than to really grasp how and why they are being deceived. But to be ( controlled )means that you are fueling someones greed, and the quest for power.

No, this is no longer normal human emotion. It is a conditioned state of an odd sort of sentimentality -panic- confused - pseudo emotion. The knee jerk reaction is now Gov/Big papa will punch the bully on the nose - or - there is nothing we can do so lets not think about it, it is too horrible - or -

What is normal to humans is logic -

His parents were assigned just like some of the people who are working as secret government informants in this so called race war you see going on here in the US as we speak. But Patti, its just getting good. In the year 2015, some of the people on this Earth wont be able to even think straight soon. =)

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