The Light In The Window

it was 1950, i hear the stories  it was old ireland , church and religion,  teenagers going out at weekend  boys and girls just being friends , uncles and brothers and even dads , girls got pregnant and put in a institution, nothing they encouraged , nothing they asked for , i heard the stories , it was called the beesboro ,  a home for unmarried mothers , it was happening in the home , this place was run by nuns and priests , the police came and took those girls away , priest was with them , gone locked up , no help no family visits just locked away and forgotten about , the abuse they went through in there was awful , poor sleeping arrangements , no hygiene or medical care , just used as slaves , pregnant , tired no fault of the girls it was taken from them , and had there babies in appaling conditions , knock on the door were selling the babies to couples who could not have children , 200 hundred for a child , nuns kept the money, so did the priests , girls were just kept locked up and left to suffer for something they did not ask for 
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Not so Old Ireland. and how they love to blame the British for evert thing, but this is Irish persecution of Irish the worst crime of all. the shame I feel is as a nation we judge others. when we are just as bad if not worse. Any way may the future be brighter.

no one is blaming the british , these places were run by the church , by the priests and nuns and law all irish people