The Magdeliene Laundry

A instution thats what what ireland was in the 40, s and 50, s , girls locked up for something was not there fault out of there control. , raped and beating by the family members the men , mothers just let it happen i dont know why mothers let that happen to there kids , why they let it happen , girls were taking away by police and a priest and tortured and beaten in this place suicides , priest raping them , nuns beaten them , slaves to everything , sold there babies for money went in ther epockets , girls starved beaten , no medical care
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

Sounds gruesome.

It shocks me how evil people can be to their own. Your story indicated the 40's and 50's, but it continues to occur today; just not as a social "norm" and in very isolated situations.

Yes it is shocking and inhuman , it was in the 40,s and 50,s my mother told me the story and what happened in these places it was awful yes and it is probably still going on the last magdeline laundry to close in Ireland was in the 90s.