Meaning Of Life (poem) Ever So Clear But Now Sobriety Makes It Cloudy

Meaning of life
Ever so clear but now sobriety makes it cloudy

See what they say maybe it will work
Maybe we can make it through all this pain and hurt
Keep your heart on stage always front and center
Bright skies are to follow all stormy weather.

See what they say cuz no one really knows
Choose your own destiny build your own roads
Gold and riches won’t lead you to happy
Your real jewels in life are friends and family
Short cuts today make it harder in the end
Nothing good come easy sorry my friend

Do your own thing and make your own mark
The key to happiness is to follow your heart
Everybody gets lost as they find the way
Sometimes choices aren’t clear as night and day

The key to Life is there always is tomorrow
Trying to change the past will bring upon sorrow
If you buy your love it will forever be tainted
Emotions cannot be bought, sold or traded

Take what we give and give back what we take
Balance is to harmony is what icing is to take cake
Everybody is graced with ability to achieve total bliss
To know what you’re missing you need something to miss

If every secret to life was forever known
Our life purpose would be to make a perfect picture shown
If one shall not know what piece is missing is shall not exist
Only through life experiences we put the pieces together
When the picture has been painted it will stay with us forever

Life is rented but never shall be owned
All life willl one day find its way back home
Life greatest mystery’s are better left unknown
Knowing the right question will make answer shown

The one thing in life that can’t be changed and is often told
All once were young and through time we shall grow old
We think the answer is too stop, reverse or change it
True happiness can only be achieved if we embrace it

Rest assured when we say good bye
The key to life is right before the eye
I really quite simple as the day is night
If we lived forever there would be no life.

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Jan 13, 2012