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Some Of The Most Attractive People Are The Ugliest Inside

i dated some SEXY guys, but i notised something about them. there good looking but they have this attitude like they can get with any chick they want. thats sooo unattractive to me because im a type of girlwho sticks with 1guy and idont cheat but most hot guys always cheat. im very attractive and i had some sexy boyfriends but they cheated on me with other girls and i realized id rather have a desent looking guy who is an awsome person inside, who is trust worthy, faithful, compassionate, romanitic, spends time with me, goal orriented and wont try to stare at other females when we go out. a lot of girls are like that too. i just can stand it. i understand being young u wanna fool around but im not interested in fooling around. i like commitments, and i hate being lied to by guys just so they can get a piece of a*s. i know im supposed to wait till marrage first b4 having sex.....but i enjoy having sex but not with just any1 and idc how sexy they are, i rather have sex with a guy who loves me than with a guy who is hott. i just wish more ppl could relate to me. insead of guys saying they do and they dont. ughhhh its frusterating.

siciliana88 siciliana88 18-21, F 12 Responses Oct 21, 2009

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Oh there are guys who can relate, like the ones who didn't win the genetic good looks lottery. I have often felt invisible to the opposite sex, if I went out ladies would be looking at any guy but me. But online I could chat them up and get a good flow going...until they asked for the photo, then it was that cold shoulder never going to reply to anything I said to them again treatment, all off my photo I am certain now after seeing the reaction play out time and time again. So yeah must be tough having to date guys who are not the best looking so you can feel you can trust them, but its even worse not being seen at all, so you never even have the chance to show what a decent guy or total jerk you too can be!

Thats a concern with me I was telling my daughter that I want the people others dont want or people think are unattractive average cause they treat you good with respect and honesty. My ex was handsome my other guy friends also good looking. It appears they do think they can have who they want and cheat more. I am decent looking I rather have committment but everbody else want to be uncommitted open no strings attached game playing until they old in played out and nobody wants them then they ready for committment its strange to

nd jetsabel22 dont have wat it takes 2 please a girl she shuldnt be cocky. ugly nd messd up

keep that attitude gril you are right the nicest people are the real people out there and enjoy them let those whith the wrong attitude go.

I find most really attractive people are all the same there so shallow all they care about is looks

Your story relate to mine , which I am going to share wth my frndz here very soon. BTW, am agree wth every single of piece of word , you have descirbed about good-looking and handsome guyz.. And, I think these type of guys are also don't respect women and they play wth every girl feelings..They need a good KiCk ! thtz it

yea i know. i guess im just wise beyond my years

hey that's really nice to see some1 thinkin this way most of the gurls in ya age ain't like that

awww thanks!!! thats good 2 kno, and i will :o)

Awe... Id treat you good girl. No worries. Keep your chin up.

Bravo I think you are absolutely right . Looks are only skin deep if you dont have a beautiful soul to go with it whats the point .;)

yea some girls are like that too and i just hate that kind of attitude. looks arent everything, but they seem to 4get that. no1s ganna be beautiful 4ever. we do get old after a while lol