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The whole neighborhood witnessed one of my beatings from my dad. It was the most humiliating thing that I think ever happened to me. It was when I was in fourth grade, age 9 1/2. He chased me out of the house still drunk from the night before while my mom was at work. I was only in a PJ top; he'd torn off my bottoms. Because of the front entryway I tripped trying to leap over a hedge onto the grass and run away. He caught me a beat me there with his belt for about five minutes while the whole neighbor listened and watched. It was about 9 am on a Saturday morning, and he beat my bottom black and blue with his belt, and his hit me across the forearms and even my face several times. Next week that's how I went to school. Not one person in the neighborhood called the police, or intervened in any way as a 35 year old man being the living sh*t out of his own little girl... ;(- I still remember like yesterday.
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That's abuse not discipline. Shame on that man.

I saw and heard spankings where I grew up, but sometimes they were really beatings. This was accepted. In more recent times, I can't imagine seeing what happened to you and people just allowing it. I couldn't let it go without trying to stop it, and the police would be called. Even in our house when I was a kid, I got angry when someone was being spanked. I hate what happened to you.

I think today, people are sensitive enough someone would have called the police and my dad would have been arrested.... (at least I hope).

I hope so too. Maybe it depends where it happens. How does a 9-year-old have faith in humanity when you're essentially abandoned at a moment of desperate need? Many of us are able to deal with having a troubled or inadequate parent, but what hope is there if nobody around cares enough to do anything? That has been the reality, and more so in the "good old days".

Could be worse, could have killed me....

What you were forced to endure was not spankings, it was abuse plain and simple. A spanking is something entirely different. The purpose of spankings is to eliminate a childs wrong behavior. It should be done because you love the child.

Yes, in this case the child was my dad. How many other kids have dads like this,too?

So sad that the neighbor witnessed this and did nothing. I am so sorry that this happened to you. It's hard to comprehend that a teacher or counsellor at school wouldn't have seen bruises and not have inquired and talked to you about it. They are trained to be alert that that type of thing.

I too find it curious that you now see spanking in a sexual manner.

Thanks so much for your words, times and people change.... nowadays more people would I think, but it's always easier to look away

I am curious as an adult are you into spanking, my mother over did it as a kid horribly and
I think it somehow changed how I saw spanking and it became sexual. However I cannot bear to see a child spanked to this day. Although I love it from my dominate husband. Curious if any body else has this happen to them!

My short answer is yes.

so sorry....

Your dad's actions only proved his faults ... he punished you but, it was him that failed. I am sorry to hear you had to suffer like this.

He had a Jekyl-Hyde personality, brought out by alcohol

It isn't too late to call the police and report the abuse now.

No it is; he's dead....

oh. Well I hope your mother got to know about it and took your side

She did; we survived...

indeed it was humiliating......

I learned to expect it. Worst was going to school with my friends who lived immediately next to us, and knew the story. The whole disgusting spectacle...

yes that what spectators are, you take the hardest pain in your life and they have fun enjoying it. You learned to expect it, do you mean you got more beating like this one?

I don't think anyone was enjoying it but I do think most people were too afraid to try and stop it...

well they were not enjoying it and they were also not afraid to stop it, then what do you think, why wouldn't they stop it....

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holy if i saw that i would have beat him, how humiliating for a little girl. its one thing to discipline but to beat... what a coward

Cowardly and sick, no doubt about it. While I acknowledge your feelings for beating a little girl,it would have been just as cowardly and sick to beat a little boy at that age. Probably many more boys are beaten by their parents than girls.

yes it happens to boys also. its a terrible thing but it happens, i am thankful i had a good childhoos, i got a smack on the *** when i was bad but never beat. I hope it hasent left you scarred.

Yes you had a very nasty experience.

The most important part of it is that as a child, you just can't process it. You don't understand, you feel your parent hates you. Psychologists say they hate themselves, and project their hate onto you, their child....

That sounds very logical to me!

ha, funny!

That's unspeakably awful. I've many of your other posts and it seems as though you've managed to avoid this wretched experience from ruining your life.

I hope you carry MACE whenever you visit your father. Don't be afraid to use it.

My dad's passed away now.