I Shared My Wife With Our Older Neighbor When She Turned 18

My wife and I got married very young. The day she turned 18 my neighbor bought us some drinks and came over. He was 30 and he got us both drunk and we started playing truth or dare. Within the first 30 minutes hjavascript:void(0);e had us all naked and it didn't take long before she was sucking him off. She had never seen a **** so thick, and I hadn't either. She screamed when he started working it inside her, I was so horny watching him take advantage of her and making her scream with that monster. She screamed for the first 10 minutes and then she really got into it. I had never seen someone **** so hard. Her ***** was sore for 2 days after it all but it was hot.
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May 6, 2012