Lawn Service ;)

My wife Sara has gone back to college fulltime. At 38 she decided to finish the degree that she started at 18. We lost her income, so I have taken on extra work, to supplement the lost.

Needless to say, between my long hours and her studying, we have been neglecting things around our house - including each other. So as a surprise for me, she approached our neighbors Todd and Pam, about having the teenage boy that mows their yard handle ours, because it looks like a jungle.

We have a group of neighbors that frequently get together to help one another. We house sit for each other, we help one another on large household projects, and have recently started having monthly get togethers. The last one was a Bar-b-Que for July 4th. The guys have started getting together to watch football, and the wife's have been going out to movies or shopping together.

Through this we have become good friends with Todd and Pam, a retired couple who live across the street. They are both 20-25 years older than us, but have been great to get to know. Pam is attractive for her age, and Todd is a dirty old man. He likes to hit on all the younger wives, including Sara. She likes to dish it out as well, and flirts back every chance she gets.

So Sara was talking to Pam and learned that they pay the young man $30.00 for mowing their lawn. She was little disappointed that it cost so much, and was hoping it wouldn't be more than $20.00. Both Todd and Pam noticed my wife's disappointment, but didn't say anything, knowing about our current situation with only one income.

My wife thanked them and returned to our house to study thinking about the cost of having the yard mowed. It was about an hour later that she noticed the young man starting on Todd and Pam's yard. Due to money being tight my wife said she had decided against paying to have the yard done. Back to studying, it was a couple hours later when she said the sound of our back gate shutting interrupted her. She looked out in time to see the young man starting his mower in our backyard.

My wife went out and stopped the young man. She asked him what he was doing. He said that Todd from across the street had paid him to mow our yard. Sara said that she allowed him to continue since he had already finished the front yard, as she retrieved the cash going over to repay Todd.

Sara said that she knocked on the front screen door but didn't get an answer. So she opened the door and proceeded inside, which is common for her to do. She said she stopped in the entry way and called out to Todd, but he didn't hear her. She said she stood at the entrance to living room and waited.

While standing there she said she could hear Todd and another male trash talking. She said they were explicitly talking about what they would like to do to some female. Sara admitted that it was arousing to hear them being so blunt about their desires, when Todd said sometime about this female wearing silk pink shorts and a tight grey t-shirt. Todd even stated that the outline of her nipples were visible through the shirts, material. The other male voice commented on "Sara being the hottest piece of ***, in the whole neighborhood".

Sara said she was shocked when she heard her name. Hearing this she realized that she was the one in the pink shorts, as she was still in them, and was wearing her schools grey t-shirt. While looking down at her clothing she didn't notice that Todd was exiting the kitchen with another neighbor, John walking behind him. Both were carrying a beverage returning to watch the game that was on the TV.

Todd and John were surprised to see Sara standing there. Sara said she held up the cash, noticing that her own hand was trembling, as she told Todd that she was coming over to thank him, and pay him back for having our yard mowed.

John brushed by Sara walking into the entry way. She said that she looked over her shoulder watching John as he looked out the screen door, closed the main door and locked it. Sara explained that she started to get nervous when Todd asked her how long she had been standing there. She admitted that she had been there long enough to hear things she probably shouldn't have.

My wife said that Todd approached her reaching out taking her by the hand. He pulled her forward pulling her into the middle of his living room. He took the cash from her hand and set it on a near by table. He asked her if she realized that they were talking about her. Sara said that she looked down, looked back at Todd and told him that the clothing kind of gave it away.

John had walked up behind Sara without her noticing. She first noticed his presence when he placed his hands on her hips. John pulled Sara back until his body was pressed against hers. She could detect his erection, as he pressed himself tighter to her. Sara said that she was getting really excited being in this situation. And John made it worse when he leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Do you like what you were hearing"? His hot breath on her neck did her in. She said that she laid her head back on Johns shoulder, bit her lower lip, and shook head yes.

Sara said that Todd had moved in closer and was now raising the front of her t-shirt. At the same time John had run his hands up under her shirt and had grabbed a ****** in each hand. John began to pinch her sensitive nipples as Todd pulled her shirt completely off. Standing topless she began to wonder where this was going to go, but looked forward to finding out.

It didn't take long to find out, as Todd began to play with her ****, as John had pushed his hands down the front of her shorts. Pulling her thong aside, she said John slipped a finger into her, as she shuffled her feet apart to allow him better access. Sara said she was lost in the moment, knowing that two guys, nearly old enough be her father, were handling her this way.

She told me that John started to pull down her shorts when she noticed Todd undoing his belt. She said she was excited to see what Todd had to offer and just moved around allowing John to remove her shorts and thong.

When Todd dropped his shorts Sara said she couldn't help herself. She admitted that she was full of lust, as she got down on her knees in front of Todd. She allowed Todd to move close enough so that she could take his **** into her mouth. She said that she licked the ***-*** off the tip of his ****, then proceeded to demonstrate her talents.

Sara said she was busy pleasing Todd, but could her John behind her. She said she could hear John undressing behind her. It was only a minute or so before John began pushing her forward onto her hands and knees. Once there Todd knelt down in front of her to allow her to continue what she was doing.

John had joined them and had moved up behind Sara. She said that he was behind her rubbing the head of his **** along her ****. Sara said that she reached between her legs, grabbed John's **** and guided him into her *****. She said that John was larger than she expected, but felt wonderful thrusting in and out of her. Sara continued to **** Todd's ****, while John ****** her from behind. They had been in this position for awhile.

Sara said that she was about to have an ******* when John thrusted into her moaning out loud as he began to *** inside of her. A bit disappointed that he didn't make her ***, she immediately turned around to face Todd. Sara said she laid on her back begging for Todd to **** her. Todd moved in an entered Sara's wet *****. He started getting a rhythm when her cell phone started to ring, scaring all three of them.

She looked at her phone and noticed that it was a call from me. I had called to tell her that I was on my home 0from work. Sara answered my call, while placing her hand on Todd's chest. She was trying to get him to slow down, because had her on the verge of a massive *******. My wife answered the phone. She was very short saying that she was busy and needed, an emphasis on needed, to call me back. She then hung up on me.

Sara said that she hung up the phone throwing it across the room at the couch, screaming out load as her ******* send waves of pleasure throughout her body. Sara had a long over due ******, that she said took her breath away. She said that she started regaining her senses when John knelt down beside her head.

She turn to see that John was stroking his **** at a rapid rate. He screamed out, "I'm *******" ! The first stream of *** shot across Sara's face. John told her to open her mouth, as he held his **** with a death like grip. Sara said she turned and stretched towards him opening her mouth. John aimed his **** at her open mouth and let loose of his ****. She said several streams of *** shot onto her face and into her mouth. Sara said she held out her tounge displaying John's *** in her mouth. She said she closed eyes and swallowed what she had.

About that time she felt Todd's **** swelling inside her as he lowered he head and mumbled that he was ******. Todd shot his load deep inside my wife's *****, nearly causing her to *** again.

Todd pulled out of my wife and moved back towards his chair. John was still on his knees holding his limp ****. Sara said she rolled over, grabbed her clothing and headed to the restroom to straighten up.

Sara gathered herself together in the bathroom. After cleaning up a bit, she exited to the living room, to find John getting dressed and Todd still sitting naked in his recliner. She said that she picked up the cash off table. As she tucked the cash into her pocket, she looked at Todd and told him that she felt as if he had got his monies worth. She grabbed her cell phone off the couch and Thanked Todd for having the yard mowed.

Sara said she turnedto head for the door. She looked back at the pair, holding her finger up to her lips, as if she was going to tell them to be quite. She then said, " This will be our little secret boys, or I won't have the yard mowed ever again". Both agreed with her and out she went.

I'm writing about this as I had just had that best night of *** with my wife. As she was exiting their house I was pulling into the driveway from work. I noticed that Sara looked as if she had been working out. she appeared to be hot and sweaty, with her hair and clothing a mess. I also noticed that the yard had been mowed.

Sara met me exiting my truck. She grabbed my hand and led me into our house. She led me straight to our bedroom where she told me to get naked. We had the hottest sex of our relationship as she told me what she had done. She hoped that I wouldn't' be upset that she had "played" with someone we knew. We have had others involved in our sexual activities, but no one that we are close with, or see daily.

I assured her that I was not upset at all. I did however ask to be present next time she paid to have our yard mowed....
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Such a clever girl to negotiate so well! Fabulous profile photo - she obviously has an incredible body or as John says, "The hottest piece of ***" ;)

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