made me feel so alone everyday. I gave up my faith and belief. To save him from death and from going to jail because he is innocent. I pushed myself to witchcraft to save him. Even if inside of me is rebelling coz i dont like witchcraft. I forced myself to be bad even if i dont want to. Because justice is dead, and no one wants to help us. My enemies are everywhere. They mess with us seriously without deep reason and the only reason is that they just want to.They hurt my mother seriously. destroyed my store,They are harrassing my family they have friends from authorities. I'm tired of that case, they dont want to pay for the damages that they did to my mother. And there's nothing we can do about it. If i am going to reopen the case they will kill me and my family. One of my enemy who is an expolice is forcing me to sign papers so he can get this house and lot but i didnt sign. He's doing that because we filed a case against those people who hurt my mother and they protect those criminals/drug addicts. I gave up everything to the person i married. It hurts a lot inside to give up my faith my belief just to save him from death. Everyday i die about it. But i dont see any appreciation from him. Everytime we walk outside to buy something he's so far from me. He walked too fast. He dont want to walk with me. Instead he judged me, he said i'll go to hell. And i am evil and he is clean. That's what he said. He didn't know that i could die anytime. For saving him. And i am fighting for my life everyday without him.
yodatheching yodatheching
26-30, F
Aug 18, 2014