I Was The Other Woman ..... And Its Over..and So Am I!

I was once a very successful career woman and a divroced mum and 2 kids.... Until i met a married man who was a colleague of mine... We found each other attracted to each others by intellect, humor and chemistry simply clicked.. He was so sensitve thoughtful and tender .. And i cant deny i found myself helplessly in love wz him.. Not wanting to be a home wrecker i tried to disappear fm his life twice ..but everytime he chased me with tears ..and asking me to never leave him.. And as We live in oriental cultures where polygamy is allowed by religon and law..he offered to marry me..and we agreed to keep it low profile until both of us R ready to announce to our families...very few common freinds knew abou us..it was the happiest times in my life...very warm loving attractive husband who treated me like queen and i did him as my king..
Until his 1st wife found out after a year..and the man i used to know simply transformed into someone else... Suddenly decided to leave me..asked for divrce...and in 2 days..2 days only everything was finished ..done.. Gone! No closure nothing!!! I was in total shock.. Denial and a disbelief that chocked me ... And it was my secret my kids dont know and its my secret that is burried in me and will be wz me till i die.. Its been a year now since i was trashed like that...not a single time did he ever contacted me ..or mailed me or texted me... As i never existed!! Not a single day passsed wout him on my mind... I hate myself for still loving him.. And i hate myself for believing in him and i blame only myself...can anyone relate with me?
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

lies. it was all lies. there is no such thing as love. it's all about the money. tell his wife and get some personal closure. you deserve love.

I hope you are doing ok! I am in a situation, too. Stay strong, my thoughts are with you.