Their a man live here in our small town,,,his wife cheated on him with another man, Her husband found out about it , and never said a word to her,, and her business trip she when her boss, she never know what was going to happen , she was have a wondering time with her boss going here and there, but her husband was taking care their three children's, he soon got tired of her cheating, she left with her boss,on a business trip, her husband went be hind her back and hire a lawyer, and the lawyer file divorce paper, and her paper work came to their address, her husband never told her . he was getting a divorce from her,, he burn her divorce paper where she would not fine out, he was divorce her, because the court house was in a difference county,, after ninety days he was a free man and he told his cheating wife, he was done with her and told her to pack her bag and leave, She said no , but later she had to leave be cause he call the sheriff and the sheriff came to his address he show the sheriff the divorce paper he got custody the three children's and the house and land ,,all she got was her clothes, and her car, the sheriff told her to get her thing and leave the sheriff stay there and watches her leave, now she cheated on him, now he happy that happen years ago in march of 1990, he come in and pay his insurance payment to me, no he never remarried, he raise his three children's they are all grow,,,they come and see him ,, on holiday,, yes he a grand dad now he show me all his grand children's picture,,,
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