The hot topic that occupies most of you is the commencement of the arrests so that you are in no doubt that the final days of the cabal have arrived.  Needless to say, it will cause a sensation across the world and the media will have to respond. They will be inundated with calls asking for an explanation, and eventually even those that are conservative will be forced to give the true reasons for what is happening. There will be official announcements in the US, and careful steps taken to ensure that people have the correct understanding of why the arrests are taking place. Doubt will exist until it becomes clear that the actions are in the interests of all people, by providing a scenario whereby they can be released from the hold of the dark Ones.

Even those of you who live outside of the US are part of the plans, and the cleansing will spread across the world.

News from Bloomberg

“It’s like a leaking boat in which we keep bailing it out and we’re very pleased with ourselves that we’d be able to keep bailing it out. The problem is we haven’t fixed the holes yet.” Alan Greenspan


Then add this article about the Chinese have been cleaning their house up,_Says_Magazine.html

“The tidying up is scheduled to take place from June to late August, during which the team will obtain information on Party members’ overseas communications and relations with foreign political circles; their political ideology and their stance on major events concerning the Party; the financial activities of affiliated overseas agencies and organizations; and the Party membership status of immediate family members and relatives” HK article quote

Then add what is going on in Europe and UK

Hundreds of bankers across three continents are embroiled in the interest-rate fixing scandal that has left Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond fighting to save his job.

As pressure intensified on Britain’s highest paid banking boss to quit, MPs heard a string of other financial institutions across the world were under investigation.

At least 20 banks are believed to be under suspicion, with growing demands for a criminal investigation.

Other weird oddities

Then add  Chinese troops in Mexico base in disguised Mexican uniforms in a base 2-3 mile squared near the border

Plus the Russian & Chinese troop movements in the Syrian area and The US troops sniffing out the Gold in the Philippines without success

Now Egypt gets another Tyrant leader from the cabal just today who will ensure military rule there

Not to mention Turkey and Syria NATO bombing campaign and propaganda continues on the BBC with lies and old unrelated material

Just Friday, Obama declaring an Executive Order here

On June 25, President Barack Obama issued a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and to the President of the Senate stating that under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, he was declaring aNational Emergency due to actions incurred with Russia, and the Russian Federation. The submitted letter provides a declaration to Congress of the President signing Executive Order (E.O.) 13159, and its immediate implementation.

Under this National Emergency and Executive Order, the United States is seizing assets and property owned or managed by the Russian Federation relating to nuclear items and programs tied to Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU).

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You can clearly see that the Cabal are very active very scared and are doing all they can and are failing

Back to Drake

So is Drake correct? Is the Green light really granted and the 2nd green light will be given go tomorrow morning?

Lightworkersxm call it Definitely Maybe Not , it is close but not that close

That does not distract from all of our meditation and best wishes to Drake for being open to us in the face of such diversity and suspicion, in which he has elected selflessly to work.

Can this change in such a short time?

Yes Eric Holder and Timothy Geitner jailed on Mainstream TV and The Financial collapse of the Euro will change this

That is the reality and only then, can we spill the huge container full of worms

As Benjamin Fulford says last week”

The cornered cabalists are threatening, yet again, to start WW3, this time in Syria, but they know they will all be hunted down and killed if they seriously try to carry out their plan to murder 5 billion people. They have only one choice, and that is to appear in front of a truth and reconciliation committee and ask for forgiveness.

There are no deadlines being given because you cannot give a deadline to a dying monster, you just have to wait for nature to take its course.

46-50, M
Jul 1, 2012