Hurrah, Kate's Pregnant. We Can Bomb Iran Now. The Nation Is Reunited. God Bless The Royals and Jimmy Savile ... But ... How Do You Tell Your Kids Father Christmas Is Not Real?

Excitement as worthless things made slightly cheaper

As the Christmas retail experience begins, a load of utter **** has become frenzy-inducing ‘bargains’ after fictitious prices unrelated to value were replaced with another, slightly lower, made-up figure.

ChainsawShopperPedrohedgegrow said: “I got a Hairyblender 9000 – a food blender covered in human hair – for £199, reduced from a theoretical value of £2000. These retailers must be ******* mad, or total idiots.

“And there’s 45% off a cushion shaped like a dog. That’s insane, I mean just the cost of the materials involved in making a dog-shaped cushion must be, well, very high,” said dogloverTigerlillywoofwoof.

BabyfacePezaPie said: “Despite being in loads of debt and at risk of losing my job, today my only concern is not missing out on a great bargain for a pet spa day.

Abbeyroadbeatlemania said ... “It’s a third off! A £100 saving! So it’s exactly the same as being paid £100, assuming I were to spend that money on a pet spa day.”

NurseEPArsinehratchett said: “Stampede on it, you bovine dimwits!
Trample each other to death in your ruthless quest for life-affirming crud!

“Sorry, I mean ‘bargains galore’!”

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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Santa's Not Real?

That's what Rudolph said to me

Don't let Cadburys make you a Fat ******...... just say no !

ooo r yu calling a fatfooker ?