We The People Reject Your Austerity

Here Comes the Sun flashmob cheers Spanish unemployment office

Flashmob of musicians organised by radio show serenades long queue of people at Madrid office amid harsh winter of austerity

A flashmob of musicians has cheered up the long queue in a busy Spanish unemployment office by playing the Beatles' Here Comes the Sun.

During the stunt organised by Carne Cruda 2.0, a programme on the leading Cadena SER network, a small orchestra emerged instrument by instrument from the waiting room in a Madrid unemployment office. All work in the office came to a standstill and many people sang along in English.

Spain is enduring an unprecedented economic crisis caused by a property crash and public debt crisis. Unemployment, already at 26%, is expected to grow. Spain lost around 800,000 jobs last year and more than half of under-25s are unemployed. The Spanish government has resorted to severe budget cuts to reduce its deficit but austerity measures have also depressed the economy.

Oxfam says that previous crises in Latin America and Asia point to serious long-term damage if government austerity measures remain in place. "Poverty and social exclusion may increase drastically," it says. "By 2022, some 18 million Spaniards, or 38% of the population, could be in poverty."

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This is indeed a wonderful video and almost as wonderful as my lot on a train :)

Thank you ...very...very...much.

False austerity is only one means that the wealthy seek to maintain the transfer of money to their accounts. They took horrible risks, of their own making, and now do not want to take responsibility for them.

Austerity amounts to privatizing profit and socializing risk, and whether it is Greece, or Spain, or Ireland, or America, it should not be tolerated. The one nation that refused to socialize the risk, having the bankers and their investors take the haircut is Iceland. And, they have already recovered quite nicely. There is a lesson there, one which the wealthy do not want people to learn.

Iceland did indeed have the balls to resist the nazi troika of the IMF , the ECB and the Rating Agencies. Greece and Spain should do the same , this isn't economics this is financial subjugation of nation states by a criminal cabal.

I never cease to be amazed, although I guess that I shouldn't be, that no bankers have been charged as a result of the US "financial crisis."

He made all the right noises at the time but when it comes to the crunch , these people have been allowed in to a position where they can virtually blackmail governments. Stoner is right and until some of them are put behind bars , as a warning to others , then they will continue to act recklessly and with total impunity.

Love this! My Grandmother was a product of the depression and that woman could find the good time in a sinkful of dishes and it almost always involved a sing a long. : )

I SAY ............. HERE COMES THE SUN ! ! !

Never give up , never give in......solidarnosc !