I M Not What I Look Like

I have been an athlete almost my whole life and although I fine pleasure in that and I am very good at it I also have another side one that very few see a softer side.
I noticed early on that I could talk with any click in school and be accepted I found this to be very cool cause it let me see a diffrent side of a a lot of people it also made me relize that although we had differnt views on things and liked different stuff that as people we were both a great deal alike so I chose to be open to everyones personal tastes but was not open with my own.
I have a very soft inside and am very emotional the problem is I cant always show it when Im on the field or on the mat It would show weakness and there are a lot of guys who look up to me and my mental and physical tuffness and I dont want to let them down but I am trully finding myself enjoying the more suddle me I have wrote some poetry I just took up photography and some times I even feel like crying when I watch movies.
In many ways I feel that people treat me as a mans man cause I have a muscular build but in reality I dont know if I want to be that guy I think I would be happier to be romantic like the knights of the round table noble to the cause of the weak and defenceless and to protect them and to love and protect the ones I love to think and act from my heart not by what others think.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

Beautiful,Just Beautiful.I Love This!