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What Does It Matter

i sit hear reading all these questions and stores and looking at profiles and i see that people say there open mind and up for new things and yet these people are the ones knocking others for expressing them self .. who are you to judge some for there life
roger1960 roger1960 51-55, M 1 Response Sep 12, 2012

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First, let me say, great post! You have a right to your opinion and everyone else does too. Even those who don't like something someone else does or says. You may dislike my comment. I hope not, as I mean no disrespect but if you don't like my comment, that is ok too! :)

You do realize there is a difference between someone having an opinion and someone judging someone?

yep i know the difference lol opinions are fine in my mind but unfortunately there are to many people that are judgmentally,,

What do you mean judgmental I am right you are wrong no judging there. Lol got you didn't I?