School Girl

School girls in their school uniforms do behove a particular fascination as their girly femininity blends so gorgeously with their uniforms. Role playing a school girl in uniform is a common fetish and many women adopt this role for various purposes including photo shoots. I was prompted to do a school girl photo session by two British females friends of mine which i unbelievably agreed to do.

To do the shoot i had to buy some school girl clothing including a white blouse, tie, black skirt, white ankle socks and black shoes as featured.

In order to add a little spice and sensuality we unanimously agreed i should wear a black silky nylon and lace half slip. The girls thought i should be a little sexy and show a bit of leg like a naughty school girl, so being obedient to their instructions i obliged.

Showing the tops of my silky pantyhose the girls thought would add a touch of girly allure.

The shoot was a great deal of fun as the girls hands started roaming during the shoot and particularly after its conclusion as they wanted to enjoy the thrill of touching a sexy school girl through her unifrom. Suffice to say i gave in to their wishes and let them both enjoy feeling me through my school skirt, blouse and caressing my silky pantyhose. They also played with my white socks. The girls made my girly panties very wet.

The two British girls really made me feel like the school girl that they wanted me to portray.

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6 Responses May 24, 2012

That would be so much fun to dress up with some accepting girls taking advantage of the erotica of school innocents and sexiness..;-)

As alway's, I'm so turned on by your story, I loved the look's of those great hose covered leg's.....

You have my **** throbbing! Its a risky fantasy, but one many of us love to indulge in. You look fab by the way.

Love it!! I absolutely love it!!

Many thanks JaySRSR.

Very sweet outfit.lovely legs. Brought back memories of my high school experience with the Catholic hi gilda. They teased us with similar<br />
Shots of. Slips n pantyhose.

Sounds like a dream come true ... how exciting!

Thankyou. It was a dream come true. The girls made it impossible to resist. It was very exciting.