As the number of students enrolled in higher education around the world is forecast to be more than double by 2025,campus security has gained more attention and even higher budget than usual in the security market.In August,LS Vision is presenting a collection of vertical applications for education institutions from some leading providers worldwide.
One of UK's oldest child care centers, Gingerbread Corner, established in 1976 in Croydon, Surrey, recently replaced its outdated analog video surveillance system such as indoor camera with an IP-based video surveillance system consisting of 21 Samsung network cameras and two NVRs to improve protection of the 160 children between ages of 3 months to 11 years on its premises. Coulsdon based video surveillance and public address specialists Postfield Systems recommended the installation of the IP system.
The old analog system consisted of four cameras which only allowed the monitoring of entrances and exits, the quality of the Box Camera images captured and recorded were not sufficient for practical use if an incident needed to be investigated. As a registered charity, Gingerbread Corner relies heavily on its fund-raising activities to maintain and improve its facilities, as well as employing 40 members of staff. Despite concerns over significant funding gaps following the Government's Comprehensive Spending Review, Gingerbread Corner's management were determined to allocate sufficient capital for the installation of the replacement video surveillance system.Including LS Vision security products like ptz kamera ,it will give you less anxiety to improve your security school education and children safety.
Importantly, everyone entering and exiting school premises is closely monitored - bringing Strand High School both security and a sense of confidence during these changing modern times.
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Aug 20, 2014