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My First Sexual Exp..with A Classmate

i cannot remember of my quite young days but here is a span of my puberty period. i came across a few magazines to see the naked women for the first time. I cannot recollect how did i come to know of ************ / moving my hand up and down but i guess, i knew it from somewhere. first time i did it, i clearly remember there was no ***** but lovely experience. There was a girl in school like my normal friend and was little frank with me. I told her about my experience quite hesitatingly and she made an awkward face like i committed a murder. But then i asked her if she has ever done something like this? No, came the straight answer. I told her to try once. Next day, i asked her but again No. However, the third day I gave up and did not even ask, but to my surprise, she came and told me she tried.

She was 6 months younger to me and I was 14. I got curious and asked her how? She said just like I did. Now, that was not possible so I asked her exactly how since we are different. She asked me to explain first and to my astonishment, I did. I told her that I held my penis in my hand and ran my hand up and down. She asked me how again and this time, I almost did hand action and showed. She saw that with amazement. Now was her turn. She told me she used her finger, and my question was where did she touch herself. Both hands she said. But I was confused and asked her how and to that she explained that it she went to her room, removed her clothes, remembered what I had told her and she used her finger for the first time, on the upper part of her vagina. And how about the other hand I asked. She said while she was doing this, with the other hand, she pulled her nipples.

I did not utter a word and was imagining how she must have done that. And I was so lost, she asked me if I was listening and what happened? I told her listening to her I feel my penis is getting harder. She told me that she too is getting wet. We were sitting in lunch break at the last table alone and talking this. None of us had food that day.

That evening, I called her at her home and told her if she would like to do that again but this time with me at the same time. And we will tell each other what are we exactly doing on phone itself. Later when we had the free time after dinner, we got on the phone and needless to say, we were both naked. Imagining each other and so hot that we both came in not more than 5 minutes. Once done there was a silence since we were little ashamed, we were classmates and not even a bf or gf. She said bye and suddenly hung up on me.

Next day in school, she wont talk to me and it was very odd. Then I took the first step or shall I say the first huge long jump. I asked her, if I could touch her somewhere. To my surprise she said not No but ‘where’? I told her I would like to feel her nipples. She did not reply but smiled. After school, we stayed back in the park and I knew the mere fact that she was hanging around with me, she would let me do this. I sat down and she sat close to me. I took a great leap of faith and put my arm around her. That hand then slowly started to drop into her shirt. But I could not reach her mound so I came close, and the moment I came close she turned and our lips met. We were both shaking but none of us pulled back. And in fact we got still before I pushed my lips against hers and she stood still. We never opened our mouths. But this closeness got me to feel the first even nipple of my life. It was soft and small but it was a girl’s nipple in my hand. I squeezed it very lightly and then the magic happened. With a very light moan her lips opened and I took the opportunity to open mine too. Wetness came through. We could taste each other’s saliva for the first time and my hand was still squeezing her nipple, wish I could see it but no since my hand was in her shirt.

Instead of asking her to show me her nipple, I asked her, did she ever imagined the nipple getting sucked. She did not even move or answer but I took the liberty and opened her shirt button. She did not protest and I opened the top three. She was not even wearing a bra. And after one look around, I took my lips near her breasts. That is the first time, when I saw a nipple in my life, a real one. And I did not waste time, went down and put it in my mouth. She threw her head back and I could tell a thousand times, she loved it. The reason was that another, she also exposed her other breast almost asking me to pay some attention there too. I gladly obliged and sucked her on both breasts. I cannot tell you how hard and wet was I and if I remember correctly, I came in my pants.

We did not do anything further that day. We wrapped it up and we went back to our places. Not even a word exchanged the next day. Nothing, until after two days she came to my bench at the last in school and asked the girl sitting next to me to swap seats. Part II coming…
Buddy2Tango Buddy2Tango 31-35, M 1 Response Dec 2, 2012

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Sounds like a sweet childhood memory. There is nothing wrong with two kids experimenting with each other