As you know, the people of our planet are at best good sleepers.

The 'due date' of The Beginning is 12/21/ foretold.

Man has been moving slowly towards this for about 150 Yrs.

At the point in time of 12/21/12, the beginning starts, as this is
the 'cosmic' point of Alignment of the Suns.

The Grand Alignment / Dark Rift - 2012 - Every 25,800 Years


Extraordinary forces will be exerted, far beyond what is happening now.

As the 'alignment' approaches, many special forces are in full

The alignment itself, a rising anticipation of that event, and a double
energy impact wave. The additional energy is coming from a beam from
galactic center that we will be exactly center of on 12/21/12...

These are conjunctions of these many forces in order to cause mankind
to be able to take our first step in this process.

On 12/21/12, all of mankind will be elevated by an increase in the base
vibrational frequency of existence. Everything and everybody...

Man will note an increase in our level of abilities on or about that date.
From the point of this evolutionary process, everyone will find it easy to
use their spiritual abilities and awareness.

Following that, and over a period of about a year, man will become more
familiar with these things as a normal part of life.

Tolec has stipulated a time within the fall of 2013 to spring of 2014 as The
Designate time of The Transition from 3D to 4D.

Although this is a sudden 'shift', man is to be ready through training and
education. This 'shift' is both physical and spiritual.

Several 'teams' of active incarnates will be supplying information on all
the subjects involved for preparation.

After this 'event' man will be part and parcel to bringing about that 'Golden
Age' that has been talked about.

Although many things will 'change', many things will not

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The world will not end the Mayan Calender is on a 50 year cycle and will just start anew so enough already with the doomsday saying. God let a nutcase see a artifact and he will tell everyone the end of the world is coming, Sorry to disappoint but ennnnt Wrong answer.

The world wont end but things are going to change.

Things are going to get nasty. Lol on black ops 2 i saw a picture describing satan and a reference to 2012. Also 1221 is every where on tht game

Yeah, yeah, yeah, and if you don't hurry, your next NYC subway ride will cost you $2.50.

We sure could use a shift of consciousness! The sooner we wake up, the better! Thanks for this informative article-

You remind me of a joke i liked as a kid..........
Whats the difference between an orange?
A helicoptor , because a motorbikes got no doors !!!!!!!!!!!!

Good.Its happening to me already. Im tired. Tired of listening to total and utter rubbish.
Go and hibernate!Bye Byes!

I always wonder why those who come up with these great tales don't just focus their, obvious, talents on something more constructive...

Like bombing Iran

Such a beautiful thing the universe is......

That picture of the solar system suggests that on Dec. 21/2012 the 8 planets will roughly line up. This is impossible.

The website "Solar system live" tracks the current location of the planets. There are certain planets that are on opposite sides of the sun from each other right now. It is impossible that they will line up in the next 5 days.

Here is the link

TRUE ... thank you for pointing that out ... I put up the wrong pic... I've now replaced it with a video

But they've been moving tword it for more than 150years.

Thanks Madhatter,as always thought provoking however I doubt any of this will come to pass.

We'll see :)