On the second year of my marriage my mother in law gave me a birthday gift. A Card printed on her PC.. Picture of a Huge Gorilla and on its mouth was a yellow daisy. The Caption said" I picked it up for you, sorry I was hungry. I ate it"..

Mother, I wish they had left my Cards for me. You remember, I used fought with father to pay for dinner or movie? OR, to buy you gift? Do you remember what I said to you all the time? " Someday I may have money you will not be around." Mother, You are still alive but, I am afraid to visit you. Forgive me mother, If I put you through this !
I know you love me. I love you mother. I miss you very much !!

Lulu, I kept that Salwar Kamiz you bought from Shiba bhabi?
Gone. They took it. I don't know if , OR ever I shall see you in life again. You have been missed greatly !
funnyepkelly funnyepkelly
41-45, M
Aug 18, 2014