What's The Point Of My Book?

All I've been able to do is record just some of my thoughts I have on any given day, morning is more usual. I however can't say I've started a book with a point to be made in it . I feel like a failure really. I did wake up to something that is somewhat of a shock and always has been a reason I don't finish things. I am manic-depressive. What is it i write about ? My experiences. I often leave out the strenghth and hope which is a no-no if I want to be effective in inspiring others who read my book. What's it about ? It's about me and my inner dialog and my recording it . What is my primary objective in writing this book ? I suppose I need the vendication first but to finish the book would be a major accomplishment for me. I still tend to drop off at the title of this book., lost as to what to name it.
Well, I was challenged more than the average child both with a sorry upbringing and my mental illnesses. I am coming to terms with this now at my age, it haunts me that I haven't been able to complete this book, frustration is the feeling anytime I go to write , when knowing might be a part of this book. I write as though I am on stag at times, no-good ! This happens when I'm tring to control what it is I'm writing, tring to find some order in it. I tell myself it has to have a beginning , middle and end yet I'm all over the page without order or disipline. I know how I must need guidance with this book , I do pray for this guidance as I need to publish. I am so passionant about writing and I cannot think of any better dream to have come true ,than to be published and earn an extra income, maybe even have the money to have a home in Colorado, where I left my heart.
Shall I continue ?
MsOracle MsOracle
70+, F
Sep 11, 2012