I'm As Poor As A Church Mouse

I haven't anything that could be helpful like a printer, a car ,a home of my own , I have nothing in the way of person effects to be left behind and unfortunantly dealt with by my children. They will be so sad, my energy gone in a slit second and the silence left behind will take it's toll on Keith and Janet. Janet maybe takes it easier than Keith as he has been guilty of calling me trash and a *****. This my friend is poverty and the ugliness of it . There's no foundation and never was there a foundation for my children, they resent that, I feel Keiths hate and at the same time , his pain. Very sad.
I wish I could say that this joy in my heart and love of life is because I found my way but not so, I'm a long way from this kind of poverty ever seeing the light. Life is hard, it's sad, it's too real .
MsOracle MsOracle
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2 Responses Sep 12, 2012

Much better, I'm getting on my feet, I moved to beautiful San Diego and it's been great sense I moved. I feel better now and all is well. No car or too much in they way of personal things but I am helping my daughter and this is good., Thanks for oyur comment.

You wrote that nearly one year ago. Is life just as hard? I hope not