My Sisters Prank, That Stunk

(the names and ages in the story have been changed to save embarrisment)

Some years back me (18) (josh), my lil sis (5) (shannon) and my cousins (vinnie whos 7) and (amy whos 9) all went to this super store
with my uncle sam. when we got the the store vinnie and amy went to the toy section and my uncle went to the grocery store and my sis stayed with me, i had just moved in with my new girl freind so i had to pick some houseing stuff up like a new toilet and some furniture, so we went to the home section then me and my sis had this evil idea to prank my uncle and the whole store so i told her the prank which was to sit on the toilet, on the floor display, and pertend to go for a pee or a poop so she went alone with it, she stared off by waiting for a huge crowd to go by. then when they got close enough she started to do a potty dance, which caused them to stop and stare and her to pee a little in her panties which made them belive her even more, then she to ask me for the toilet so i just told her while she was in serious need to pee "go to the toilet by yourself you know where it is" so she put this evil girn on her face and acctually took her pants off, which wasnt part of the prank, and had them round her ankles, along with her undies, which wasnt part of the prank, to start with she faked peeing, useing a bottle of water, and pooping but then she had this strongest urge ever but when she tried to get off it was no use it was to late, she stared to pee in to the toilet  but then she craped in the toilet by accident as well. every one who was around just "ooo'd" and "ahhhh'd" and said" better there than in her pants or on the floor where she might of been if she did get off the toilet in time." and some one even came over said "are you done little girl?" my sis just blushed and said "yes mam" so the lady handed my sis some paper tissue to wipe with, but it turned out she wasnt done so she qiuckly fell back on to the toilet so that she could finish when she was half way through we noticed my uncle was in amoungst the crowd, which made her blush even more, then this boy and a girl, about the same age, followed by amy and vinnie came and sat on the toilets either side on my sister and begin to do the same then when they all finish we all went home it turned out the boy and girl was our next door nabiours so we've had a lot of fun since that day and still do once every so offten cause now im marryed and got kids of my own who have done some strange thing but ill save that for another story.
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May 9, 2012