The Value Of Purity

I was in a marriage for 21 years and I had very low self esteem. When my husband praised me I was happy and when he put me down I was devestated. For half of my marriage I ended up being in an affair because I needed to feel appreciated and loved. I also feel that I was addicted to sex to make me feel good. I had given my power away in that way. My relationship was co-dependant.

Finally I left the marriage!

Two years after leaving the marriage I got involved in a spiritual organization and adopted celibacy (purity). I've now been single and celibate for 10 years. I also became vegetarian. I am so grateful and happy now to be pure, but at the time when I first got involved I hesitated and it took me about 4 months to really commit to it. Without this organization, I never would have done it because I would have always given one excuse or another as to why it wasn't necessary.

This is the value of purity as I see it.
I took my power back which I had given out to many people and which had created low self esteem and fear (anxiousness) in I, the soul.
Honesty and cleanliness.
I don't base my value on other people's opinions anymore.
Sex really is an addiction. You can live just fine without it, unlike food which you need after a while, but a lot of that is an addiction too.
Self respect
The chance to really give unconditional love to others, without that sex backdrop -they also sense it even if they can't put it into words because you don't actually tell them, they just feel your genuineness
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Purity is loved and put on a pedestal, consequently we can see that in ancient times only pure virgins were offered into the volcano.
Children are loved because of their purity and people are outraged when that purity is violated.
Even athletes have to abstain before a big game to conserve their strength.
Purity is power.