They just became very persistent. They don't go away. I've been through the checklist and tried everything people tell their doctors they do, plus some they didn't mention. Things like putting in earplugs or listening to music. The noise is not familiar or welcome. I almost killed myself once because they wouldn't stop. I was in the middle of doing a partial hanging, when I got a phone call from a brother. Before the phone call, I remember pleading with God that I didn't want to die like this. But the voices weren't as severe then as they are now. I suffer from auditory hallucinations. It sounds like there are strangers talking to me in my head. Telling me all sort of negative things. The noise started when I began lithium treatment. I'd go to sleep at night, and I could hear voices like they were screaming at me straight from hell, only it was faint and I could barely hear or understand what they were saying. When I woke up the next morning, the voices would be gone. Slowly it got to where I could hear them a bit better. They began to become louder. And I could hear voices in my head. This is not why I'm going to kill myself, it's only adding to it.
MiloMeeks MiloMeeks
41-45, M
Aug 21, 2014