I Got Bulb Enemas

indecisionOh yes back in the 70,s when i was a kid i got some enemas on and off from about age 4 to 14 and they were givin usualy by my one aunt and she would use a big bulb type syringe on me, Always over her lap stomach down and the enemas were warm water mixed with bar ivory soap and they hurt too as the injections caused a lot of cramps and that soap made it worse, I would usualy have to get 4 or 5 bulbfulls from that scary looking syringe, Every time i had trouble going poo poo mom would call her up to come over and give me a enema to get me going proper, The most feard words was you come with me into the laundry room and i will take care of your problem and make you fell better, Must admit i did fell better after the ordeal was all done, To this day when i see a bar of ivory soap it makes me think about the enemas i got from her.
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Don't you just love the old enema stories.Mom would say i'm going to give you a niece warm soap suds enema.

Are we still connected to the Bag?<br />
<br />
(I am)

I always got shivers when mom called into the bathroom and I saw the black bulb out and the pan of soapy water in the sink. Terrified me. Soon I was laying over a stool with my pj's around my ankles waiting...waiting until I felt the nozzle slide into me. I started to cry and kept it up until mom was finished.<br />
<br />
However once I was older (around) 11, I actually got to like the enema--mainly due to my penis getting hard. The3n my love affair with enemas began---and I looked forward to mom's enemas.

I also like the smell of Cold Cream.<br />
When I worked, one woman wore "Fashion Fair" perfume.<br />
Told her, what do you have on?<br />
Was sold by Hecht's Dept Stores.<br />
Mom, the old time nurse used Cold Cream on the Enema Nozzle!

I originally thought that after the 1960's, Fleet took over. Glad to hear Classic Enemas <br />
continued and from other sites still in use. I gave 200 to 250 enemas to late wife from <br />
late 1960's to 1990's. And from late 1990's to 2000's to 2 former girlfriends/enemates.<br />
<br />
Found them in Alternative Papers personals. Gave the 1st one an enema using her bag in her bathroom on 1st date. She had done before and still does with vintage Rexall Mint Equipment <br />
I gave her. Black pipes.<br />
<br />
To wife used various types of syringes to administer soapy ones, to girlfriends used<br />
a bag with baking soda in water. They always asked for more. The few I got, had to <br />
ask for (one way?). <br />
Have posted all over for a dozen or more yrs. Always like to hear from others.<br />
Sometime will mention E & S chats I've had. Whew!

Has anyone ever gotten an enema physic.

I loved the warm soap suds enemas mom gave me,and how she always heated a soft fuzzy fleecy blanket that she would drape over her lap andhaveme lay on the blanket for a good soap suds enema.She sometimes said she was going to give me agood enema physic to clean my bowels cleaned out.

never got the bulb......always that red davol 2 qt bag with that black douche pipe and of course ivory soap! ahhh let the warm water keep on flowing...

I also got bulb enemas from my mother.I was a red blub with an ivory washer and a black nozel.I always got the bulb enema lying across mom's lap on a warm fleece blanket.I later graduated to mom,s red Davol enema bag for the enemas.

I will imagine you think of a few other things when you see that bar of soap. It is not the soap that reminds me it is the enema bag or bulb. I just can't help it, nature takes its course.

Good story,it bring back old enema memories